So, I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for quite some time. I hope everyone enjoys. I’ll try to get some pictures in here fairly often, although I tend to let them sit in my camera until there’s almost no memory left.

The reason I want to blog is that I so often forget the funny little things the kids say and do. This should give me a quick, easy way to preserve these memories. So here are a couple.

This morning, Nate was in his highchair and Alex was standing nearby. I hear “Mayfan, don’t bite me. I’m not food. I a boy. You don’t bite boys, Mayfan.”

Alex went to my Mom’s to spend the night. I got a call about 9:15, he was crying. He said he was scared and he just wanted his mom. He sounded so little and so sad. It nearly made me cry too. I wanted to go get him and hold him until he fell asleep… I didn’t. He was ok, he calmed down and eventually went to bed. This wasn’t the first time he’s slept away from home, but this is the first time he’s been really upset. Poor little guy.