Yeah, if she could talk, that’s what she’d be saying.

The girl refuses to be spoon-fed. Flat out refuses. She never did really eat purees. We tried at just over 5 months, she wasn’t ready. That did not end well, let me tell ya. There were bad faces and lots of tears.
So we held off a bit. She ate rice ceral maybe three times towards the end of her 5th month. Every time she’d try to grab the spoon from us and make a giant mess, so we’d just hold her little hands down while we fed her. 
Well, then she decided she didn’t like to eat. We tried cereal and breastmilk, cereal and water, cereal and fruit, straight-up fruit, sweet potatoes, veggies you name it. She’d eat maybe a bite, and then loose interest. 
I’m not the most patient or persistent person ever, plus I don’t have time to sit around and force feed a baby, so I just went with the assumption that she didn’t really need it. Hey, I offered. Ok, maybe I didn’t remember to offer solids to her every day. I mean, what was the point? She didn’t eat them anyway. Ok, let’s be honest. The girl was lucky to get a meal twice a week during her 6th month of life. Once again, I didn’t really see the point considering she’d just spit it out and turn her head.
Well… long story short, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that she wasn’t actually rejecting the food… she was rejecting us feeding her the food. Little miss independent wanted to feed herself. 
I made this discovery with a french fry, of all things. Wonderfully healthy first food for my baby, huh?
So that’s what I’ve been doing for the past week – plopping her in the high chair and letting her go to town. Here she’s eating gumming to death a big ol’ chunk of apple on her 7th month birthday. 
Tonight at Outback she grabbed the big loaf of bread off the table. No one wanted it after she slobbered all over it. 
She also ate wore nearly half of my sweet potato. The part near the peel that’s all stringy is perfect for her. I ate the gooey middle all covered in butter and cinnamon and sugar. ‘Cause that part wouldn’t be good for a little baby, ya know.
I bought her some squashes (spaghetti and butternut) and I plan to bake her up some finger foods as soon as it’s not so hot in my house. Until then, she’s been enjoying bananas. She likes them cut down the middle, so they are skinny and french-fry shaped. I think I’ll get her an avocado. She also likes scrambled eggs.
And weirdness of weirdness, she loves sauerkraut.
This stubborn little independent baby’s great-grandma fed her a piece of scrambled egg on a fork today. And this stubborn little independent baby proceeded to spit the egg out, pick it up, inspect it, and then feed herself. She just wanted to be in charge.
So I guess we’ll be doing baby-led weaning. 
Although I hadn’t planned on it.
Anyone got some creative finger food ideas for babies with zero teeth?