Come on, momma… don’t cry over spilled milk. Even if the kid did bust an entire gallon on the floor while you were bringing groceries in. Easier said than done. It’s like two degrees here, and the kids have either been off school for holiday or snow days 3 days this week. We are getting restless. And that trip to the grocery with all three: not exactly fun.

Look on the bright side, Momma. Your kid was trying to help you put groceries away (Well, maybe. His brother says that he was trying to use the gallon of milk like a gun.) Let’s go with the trying to be helpful story, m-kay?

Look on the bright side, Momma. While you were gone at the grocery, the UPS guy came and left a fun little package on the doorstep – your new 35mm lens. Hey,  Momma! Slap that puppy on your camera! You can take pictures of the whole mess all at the same time!

Yes, Momma…. just clean up that milk, get on with your day. Sweep the floor, wash the dishes, fold the laundry. Diaper the baby. More playdoh, more legos. It really will be better soon.

“Winter sure is long, isn’t it?”

“it seems long, but it won’t last… forever.”

(yup, I just quoted Bambi.)

Besides, they are awfully cute… when they are sleeping. 😉

*  *  *

(Camera nerd friends: I’m loving my new Canon 35mm 2.0. Since I shoot with a crop-sensor camera, I’ve struggled with proximity to my subjects with the 50mm I normally use. Although I would love a new 5dII body, it wasn’t in the budget. But a new lens helps. Much more comfortable focal length for indoors, and fast enough that I usually don’t need a flash. Autofocus sounds like a chainsaw though.)