Clementines – a winter tradition! I love these little things.
I honestly could eat them until I made myself sick.

Tasty, Juicy, Wonderful. But, every year I get at least one bad batch.
Tough, flavorless little buggers.

And each year, I keep that bad batch for at least a week, hoping that maybe it was just one or two nasty oranges, not the whole bag.

Finally, today I came to a realization, that nasty oranges taking up space on my kitchen counter do nobody any good. I’m not a “waster” by nature, and it pained me to throw out food like that. I never have liked throwing out stuff that could be used.

But I’m glad I did.

I need to learn to let go of more of the stuff in my life that doesn’t bless me, my house, or the family. Things that I keep around just because. The junk I’m saving for a rainy day that never seems to come. You’d be proud, I have a whole bag full of donatable stuff ready to go.

*  *  *

This week, there is both a challenge at Pioneer Woman and Simplicity with the theme of food.

As I was busy taking my official food shots, I had a little surpise… a tiny hand appeared in the frame.

Someone else likes clementines, too.