Whew, we’ve had quite a week – my poor children were the casualties of some crazy viruses that are making their way through our city. It’s been bad this year – one of the local private schools had to close because of illness (nearly a third of their students called in sick Monday!) In my house, the boys were the ones that were got the brunt of it. First Alex, then Nate. The poor little monkeys had fevers and just plain ol’ didn’t feel well.

Nate’s preschool sent home some “homework” over the weekend – it was his turn with the Share Bear. His instructions were to take the Share Bear on “many adventures” and to be sure to feed him, sleep with him, etc. Um… not when you’re sick, dude. For the sake of his classmates, the poor Share Bear spent most of the weekend in the corner.

Some some of Share Bear’s adventures with poor sick little Nate:

The Share Bear watches Nate at the sick bucket (thank goodness he never upchucked!)

Share Bear watches a mostly recovered Nate play games on the computer.

Share Bear didn't get totally neglected - Anna Kate loved him!

So it didn’t exactly make the most interesting class project. But we got it done anyway. 😉 I’m so thankful that the sickness is gone (for now) and my boys are all healthy. Please, please winter sickies – stay out of my house!