Another photo session that almost got canceled by rain… I’m starting to think that things will never dry up around here!

I loved catching up with this beautiful family and taking their portraits – we go way back to the before-kids days. In fact, they were there the night of my first date with my hubby (yeah, the date that ended in an epic thumbs-up. It’s a wonder we’ve made it this far, LOL.)

Their kids are growing up fast – their son is very much a sports fan… and when I asked their sweet daughter what she liked to do with her mommy best, she answered “laundry.” Lucky mom! 🙂

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The best moment of the whole day was just after this last image was shot… as soon as I got done snapping him giving a quick smooch to his little sister, he made the most awful face ever and asked me “can I be done kissing her now?” I guess showing your little sis some love isn’t cool for almost 9 year old boys. 🙂