Another school year has begun for my oldest pumpkin, and so we are bidding summer adieu. The daily business has settled in around here and I’m looking forward to a routine. But I sure do miss the little guy. First grade is an adjustment for everyone. The very first day, my middle kiddo (Nathan) just followed me around like a lost little puppy because he missed his big brother. He actually asked me “Is Alex in school FOREVER?”

Of course we took a few quick pictures before the bus came – no easy task I tell ya. They actually kinda stunk, because I was trying to wrangle a camera and hold a baby and deal with a crying 4 year old who didn’t understand why he couldn’t get on the bus with his brother.

I’m really going to miss the carefree summer days – they boys on the street were really starting to hit stride with their incessant games of pickle. And battle. And bikes. And kickball. And all the other boy stuff that boys like to do.

So summer, we bid you goodbye. Come back again soon… let us laze in your warmth and relish in your relaxation. Until next year….