Ok, so I guess I’ve posted enough sneak peeks photos of this session, and I’ve had this blog post started for days now, so  so I guess I’d better go ahead and publish it. 🙂

These little ones are my neighbors. Friends of my own kiddos. I have watched them be born, learn to walk, learn to ride bikes, go off to school. We have played countless games of baseball together. Needless to say, I have a bit of a connection to them.

I love the closeness that these siblings have – 4 kids born over the span of 5 years are bound to be thick as thieves! And the baby girl – she’s definitely the little princess of the family (but don’t let that sweet smile fool you, she can keep up with her brothers, no sweat.)

Little Miss M. is now 2 years old, and sweet as ever. She loves to dance, and didn’t want to get off the top of that little soapbox I brought along and stop shaken’ her stuff. Her laugh is infectious, she was cracking me up the entire time!

Thanks again to the M family, for letting me spend an evening with your little ones. I hope to make it a yearly tradition.

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