Ring around the Rosie – Northern Kentucky Child Photographer

Oh, these little girls were so much fun! The fickle fall weather almost got the best of us this morning, but the rain stopped, and the clouds parted just in time for us to have some fun! These sisters were all giggles and laughs during our morning session with their momma, and we caught some wonderful expressions. I love carefree sessions like this – where children are allowed to have fun and be silly, and their little personalities shine though.

Thank you to the S. girls for spending a morning with me! You sure did bring a smile to my face.

sisters hugging on a wooden bridgesun lit portrait of two little girlsmom holds her toddlersisters play togetheralmost two year old girl sit quietlysparkling eyes and a big smile for picturesgirl gives shares a funny secret with momNorthern Kentucky sisters give sweet kisses while sitting on their moms lapcincinnati child photographer captures children playinghugging little girlslaughing childthe children playa classic game of ring around the rosiemom shares laughter during pictures with her daughters

Your Home, Your Art – Float Wraps


I am sooo excited about my newest product offering! Let me introduce the Float Wrap to you… (and please ignore the disgusting lighting in the last shot. The spot where I wanted to hang this is pretty dim. And littered with toys. But dimly lit play areas deserve to be graced with artwork too, right?!)

Float wraps are a fun, modern product, perfect for spotlighting one large image. It is frameless, meaning that it hangs directly on the wall, no need for a costly frame. A photographic print is wrapped seamlessly around a strong board, and then adhered to a gatorboard block in the back. The block makes the whole image stand out from the a wall a bit, and the artwork appears to be floating in place!

A couple awesome things about float wraps:

  • You are not constrained by traditional frame sizes. There are a lot more options, without having to worry about finding a frame, or needing a costly custom frame. In my sample (of my sweet little girl) for example, I didn’t want to crop out the trees at the very top of the shot… I loved the way they framed the image. This is a 12×18 float wrap, which is a lot taller than a 11×14 (the closest traditional “frame” size.) If I cropped it down to an 11×14, the leaves at the top would have been lost.
  • The whole print is ready to hang when you get it! No shopping around for special hardware, frames, or mats. Your picture looks awesome right when it lands on your doorstep.
  • Float wraps are protected! They are sprayed with a matte finish UV protectant, so that they will not fade. The UV protectant also helps protect against scuffs, scratches, and fingerprints! *Update* I have had this float wrap for about 10 months, and we have put it through its paces for sure – it has been moved several times, hit with toys, taken to sessions as a sample, and currently it is hanging in a bathroom (humidity!) and so far, it looks perfect, zero scratches or scuffs. I don’t recommend you abuse yours like I do mine, but it is a lot more durable than it looks. ;)
  • Float wraps are light! I mean super light. I have mine hanging by a single 3/4″ wire nail – the tiny kind that don’t leave giant holes in the wall. It is the perfect option if you want a larger print but your walls can’t hold heavy frames.
  • Float wraps are modern. As much as I love canvases, the float wraps offer the smooth texture and clean lines that some clients prefer.

Thanks for taking a minute to look at my new favorite product! . :)

Full of Thanks – Cincinnati Newborn Photographer

IMG_8353 copy

Grace isn’t a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. It’s a way to live. –Jackie Windspear

This little bundle, Grace, is so perfectly named. She is certainly a blessing to this wonderful family. Her mother and father should be very proud, and humbled all at the same time. She certainly was a joy to photograph. :)

I love this session


Autumn Beauty {Boone County Senior Photographer}


This beautiful senior is such a stunner! She traveled all the way to Northern Kentucky from near St Louis to have her pictures taken (Ok, truth be told, her family has lots of friends here that they was visiting… but I can flatter myself and think that I’m the real reason she came, right? LOL) I hope some of her former classmates at Ryle High School will see her here!


Family Love {Fall Mini Photo Session, Cincinnati}

One last Fall Mini post! (There are a couple being saved for Christmas portrait surprises.) Thanks again to everyone who participated in this year’s Mini Session event! I hope you had just as much fun as I did. :)

This family was so adorable. Little brother was quite the stinker… good thing I love little boys with big personalities. :) We had a great time climbing trees, throwing stuff in the pond, rolling the the grass, and generally running around like crazy people. LOL, yeah. My job takes some energy.

Thanks again to the gorgeous B family (I mean seriously, look at big sis’s eyes – breathtaking.) Hope you like your pictures!

Little girl hugs her FatherCincinnati child and family photographer Spring GroveLittle boy laughingBrother and sister portraitsLittle girl climbs a treeFamily takes a beautiful black and white portrait

If you are interested in Holiday portraits for your family, please contact me soon! Only a few sessions remain in time for Christmas print delivery. Email info@mischiefandlaughs.com for more information.

Mom and Me {Cincinnati Photographer Fall Mini Session}

Mothers Love

I think this may have been my favorite of the mini sessions – I have thing for capturing mommas and their little ones together. Plus, he was just so stinking cute… the expressions he gave me were priceless.

Mom is due with her second (a girl!) in a few months, and I can’t wait for her to be able to experience the joy of having both a little girl and a little boy… they are so different and so much fun.


{Simply Adorable} Cincinnati Child & Family Photographer

Can it get any cuter than this?! A couple of sweet little girls dressed in pink and purple? These darling little ones came out to my awesome mini session event for some beautiful fall portraits. The baby has the sweetest little pouty face, no? The way she looked right at me with those big eyes and that little pout just melts me. And big sis couldn’t be any prettier, with that long hair and the sweet smile.

Thanks again to the P. family! Your girls are adorable. :)

Happy Birthday, Happy Guy! Northern Kentucky Baby Photographer

This sweetheart is such a fun little guy. Those  big dark eyes with the eyelashes… man he’s going to be a heartbreaker one day. He’s also one of the happiest, most laid back babes that I’ve ever met! You can check out his last session here.

Canaan came to visit me for my Fall Mini Portraits last weekend, on the day of his first birthday party… not enough time in the mini’s for my full cake smash birthday session, but still plenty of time for some wonderful smiles. :)

Thanks again to Canaan’s parents for bringing him out once again for pictures. He’s a charmer!

Photo of the Week – Misty Morning

Oh,  I just love it when I find a beautiful location with gorgeous light! This spot is just magical. My friend (who is also an awesome photographer) and I took our sweet baby girls for a fun location scouting morning. Which will be blogged. Eventually. We found the most magical morning light. This picture is getting printed. Big.

Jolly – Northern Kentucky Family Christmas Portraits

Here are a few images from the first of this season’s Fall mini-sessions. This family was so much fun to work with! The little guy was a bit camera shy, so he and I went on a little dinosaur hunt to break the ice, and we ended up having a blast! We got some great images – The L. family is are going to have the cutest Christmas cards this year! :)

shy little boy hides behind his fatherCincinnati custom holiday portraitscouples photography

If you are interested in holiday portraits, now is the time to book! Only 6 sessions remain in time for Christmas print delivery! Please email me at info@mischiefandlaughs.com or call (513)300-7183 for more information or to chat about your family portrait session.

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