I love canvas! I just had my own family’s pictures taken by a wonderful fellow photographer, and I’ve been really thinking about what I want to do with the images. A beautiful gallery wrapped canvas (or maybe even a grouping of canvases) is definitely high on my list!

I’ve decided to start a series here on the blog with wonderful ideas for displaying images – because honestly, as much as I love the process of creating photographs… I don’t feel like my job is done until your images are up on the wall or in an album where you can enjoy them.

Canvas Grouping #1: the Four Square

A clean look, perfect for a smaller space. Features 10″ x 10″ canvases, and can be made with 4 photo canvases or 3 canvases, plus one graphical element (wooden initial letter or a quote mounted on canvas .) Also scales easily for a larger space.


Source: laurawinslowphotography.com via Cara on Pinterest


Canvas Grouping #2: Above the Couch

This grouping will bring a uniquely personal touch to your living room! This looks works really well on headshots that are similar looking, although it can be adapted for other types of shots as well. Featured here are three 20×20 square canvases for a wonderfully bold statement.

Source: go4prophotos.com via Cara on Pinterest

Canvas #3: the Single Stunner

Of course, canvases don’t have to be in the plural to be totally awesome. A single, beautiful canvas can be the perfect addition to a room. Just be sure that the canvas is sized correctly for the space in question. When placed above a sofa or a mantle, a single 8×10 canvas quickly gets lost.