So I’ve been really bad about blogging lately – so many other things in my life take priority. But I do love sharing session images with everyone, so I’m going to try to keep on top of it. This little man is my sweet chubby little nephew. You get to see his squishy butt on the blog every now and then because, well… I love him and I think he’s cute. 🙂

I love sitting-up babies! Dustin was a champ already at barely 6 months old (many babies aren’t ready for sitting up pictures until closer to 7 months, so if you definitely want shots of your little one sitting alone, consider scheduling a little past the half-year mark.)

My gorgeous little niece wasn’t about to be left out – she’s getting so big at 6 years old! I let her choose the backdrop for her little mini session… of course she picked the brightly colored hearts! She has an huge personality, can’t you tell?