This week I read a story, a blog post that went viral. It’s titled “The Mom Stays in the Picture” by Allison Tate, featured on Huffington Post.(You can read it here, it’s pretty eye opening.) I’ve said this to so many moms over the last several years, urging them to get in the pictures with their children! I love love LOVE mommy and me sessions, they are my favorite EVER. Please moms, get in the pictures with your kids. Go ahead and fix your hair and wear something flattering if you must, but trust me, your kids really won’t care. I promise you, if you get a picture made of you with your little ones, it will be an heirloom. It will be looked upon with smiles and maybe tears years from now. It will be passed down from generation to generation. It will be treasured.

Please, moms. Just get in the picture.

It is in this spirit that I recently gave the gift of mother and child portraits to some of my dearest friends. The lovely ladies of my local MOMS club have been there for me for years. They have given me so much mommy advice, so much camaraderie, the perspective of other moms “in the trenches” and I was thrilled to be able to give back to them. Aren’t they a lovely, wonderful group of women with some gorgeous kids?

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