Are you all ready for fall???

I feel it in the air this morning, it’s coming to Cincinnati. Crunchy leaves, all things pumpkin, tall boots, hot cider… this is a wonderful time of year!

Fall is also the most popular time for family pictures, and perhaps you’ve been thinking about getting your portraits taken this year, or maybe you’ve already booked one of the Mischief and Laughs mini sessions (or if you haven’t yet, there’s 2 spots left!)

Nearly every family I book has one big question: what to wear for family pictures? And let me tell you, there’s not a one-size-fits-all answer to this. Instead I’ve compiled a few tips for you to keep your family looking sharp during your Fall photo session.

1. Don’t be matchy-matchy!

You all probably have heard this rule. Don’t have everyone show up in a uniform. We all know you’re together, you’re being photographed together, there’s going to be a big print on your wall of you together, there’s no reason that you have to look like you bought the same exact clothes in 5 different sizes.

But sometimes it’s tough to put this coordinate-but-don’t-match thing into practice so let’s talk a bit about HOW to create a cohesive look while still keeping things interesting.


Pick 3-5 colors. It’s pretty easy to pick 1-2 colors. But take it a step further and add a couple other accent hues to the mix! In the example above, coral, cream, and blue was the obvious start, but the addition of a pop of teal as well as the camel boots and belts really set off this look!

When you choose an accent color, repeat that color at least twice. Necklaces, bows, belts, scarves, and chunky bracelets are all great places to add in an accent color. Plaid, stripes, and florals can also contain subtle bits of your accent color and add dimension to the outfit

Choose variations in hues within the same main color. There are so many different shades within the same color family, and choosing slight variations of the same main color can add depth to your pictures.

What to Wear for Fall Family Pictures

A cohesive look in navy, yellow, burgundy, and brown would be a sharp look against fall leaves!

2. Need more color inspiration? Look to your decor!

If you are looking to print your pictures for the walls of your home, you may want to choose colors that will work well with your stuff. If you like decorating with cool tones (blues, aquas, etc.) you may want to choose grays, blues, or greens for your clothing. If you prefer warm colors in your house, wearing mustard, brown, and burgundy may be a wonderful way to tie your family’s pictures in with the rest of your home.

3. Don’t forget about texture and layers.

The best part about fall pictures in my opinion is the fact that it’s cool enough to pile on layers! The layered look is in (and it has been for a while) so pile on the jackets, leggings, shirts-over-shirts, and scarves. Wear boot cuffs to add even more interest. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these layers.

And while we are talking about layers, I should also mention texture… be aware of how texture effects the look of an article of clothing. A solid chunky cable knit sweater has much more visual interest than a solid pique polo. Leather and suede also offer textures of their own. And flowy gauzy layers can add both texture and movement to your pictures.


4. Dress for the weather, but plan for changes in the weather!

Autumn in Cincinnati can be volatile. 85 degrees and sunny one day, 55 degrees and overcast the next. It’s no fun to have your child dressed for warm weather and be shivering through the session. And no one wants to be gussied up in a thick sweater and boots when it’s unseasonably warm. Don’t forget your family’s comfort – a happy family means happy pictures.

It definitely helps to be prepared to make last minute changes in your wardrobe choice. Dressing in layers is a great way to do this! For example, start off with a basic outfit of a button up shirt and jeans for your son. On a warm day, roll the sleeves to the elbows and keep the layers light and breezy. If it happens to be cool on the day of the session, a long sleeve t-shirt under the oxford plus a coordinating puffer jacket make for cozy cohesive look without sacrificing style!


5. Shoes DO matter.

Yup, they do. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan and try on shoes – because kids feet grow at a ridiculous rate and the morning of your session is not the time to find out that little Johnny’s light up Lightening McQueen shoes are the only thing that fit! (And trust me, light up gym shoes are rarely a good choice for pictures.)

A few adorable options for footwear:
– Mom: colorful heels, tall boots, moccasins
– Dad: brown casual shoes, cowboy boots, Converse
– Sister: Joyfolie, simple flats, boots
– Brother: Converse, casual brown shoes, leather sandals if weather is warm
– Baby: barefoot!! Or if it is cool, a pair of simple crib shoes are always a classic choice.


6. (This one is the most important!) BE YOURSELF.

PLEASE, take my suggestions and examples with a grain of salt. You are the best stylist for your own family, because you know what your family likes, you know your style, you know who looks best in what. I don’t want every family that comes in this fall to be the same, and I doubt you want to look exactly like everyone else either. So if you like it, wear it!


Don’t forget… If you haven’t booked your session yet, get on it! Cooler weather is coming, and with it comes a flurry of activity at the Mischief and Laughs studio each year. Right now there are only 4 weekend Signature Session dates remaining for 2014, and only 2 mini session spots are left! To book your session, you can call Cara at (513)300-7183 or email me using the contact form.