[sg_popup id=”2″][/sg_popup]Go beyond packing the hospital bag, and check of a few essential (and some just plain fun) items from our list of things new moms should do before baby is born! Pregnancy doesn’t last forever, so make the most out of yours!

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1. Get a pedicure (because you can’t reach your toes.)

A little bit of pampering goes a long way, and when you can’t touch your toes anymore, it goes even farther! Pick a fun color and get those feet looking great!


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2. Book a photographer for baby’s newborn pictures.

Newborn photographs are generally when baby is 1-2 weeks old, but photographers do book up early! I recommend my newborn clients contact me when momma is in her second trimester so that we can get you on the calendar and plan for any special props you might wish to use. Of course, it’s better late than not at all, and I’d be happy to work you into the schedule if there’s availability, even if baby has already made his grand entrance. To find out more about a newborn session with Mischief and Laughs Photography, click here!

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3. Find a mommy support group!

When my kids were tiny, I was a part of a wonderful mommy support group through the MOMS Club! (Moms Offering Moms Support) This wonderful group of women shared playdates, cups of coffee and battle stories from the trenches. They helped lift me up when I was diagnosed with postpartum depression after my second was born and they celebrated every milestone as my children grew. Now I count them as some of my best friends. Here are a few other resources to find fellow mommas in your area: MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and Meetup (perfect for moms, dads, anyone who wants to find a group.) Rochester and Canandaigua have some GREAT options for mommas.

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4. Get your belly on film. It’s not going to last forever.

One of the marvels of pregnancy is that it’s constantly changing! I remember waking up around my 20th week and wondering where the massive bowling ball shaped baby bump came from. It certainly wasn’t there when I went to bed the night before! And from there, it just kept growing. Feeling my baby inside me, growing, moving and ever changing was a truly marvelous experience. But once my baby was born, that feeling of carrying my precious little one inside me was gone, leaving me feeling empty – overjoyed at her presence, but undeniably empty. I’m so thankful that I have photographs of my baby bump to remember all those special feelings. So hire a pro for a beautiful maternity session, ask a friend to take a few belly pictures, or shimmy over to the bathroom mirror. Any way you do it, just get in front of the camera so you can preserve these fleeting memories!


5. Make a birth plan.

Fact: births don’t always go as planned. But now is the time to do your research, think about what you want YOUR baby’s birth to be like, and resolve to experience birth the way you want to. Talk with your family – let them know who’s allowed in the delivery room. Talk with your partner – let them know how you’d like to be comforted – and let them know that you might change your mind and just want them to back off (yup I was that mom.) Talk to your doctor –  find out your possible risks, hospital policies, etc. Find a doula. Take a childbirth class. Inform yourself. Even if you don’t write your plans down on paper, you can at least make informed decisions when questions arise during your baby’s birth.


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