It’s a new year, and with every new year comes the promise of good things. This year will be a year of wonderful things for Mischief and Laughs Photography! I’m excited about weddings on the books, some new babies waiting to be born, and some that will have their big first birthday with Mischief and Laughs.

I’m excited to meet new families this year and to celebrate all their milestones with beautiful photos.

But mostly, I’m excited for my own family – because that’s what this really is all about. That’s why I do everything that I do. And although I can’t quite commit to a 365 project this year, I’m excited to photograph my own adventures more and to share them here. This year my word of the year is BALANCE and I’m hoping that it brings new clarity to my work and my life.

What does this mean for Mischief and Laughs Photography? Well, I might not email you back if you message me at 8:30 pm… but I’m betting you don’t mind waiting till morning, right? It also means that I’m committing myself to really awesome customer service because I’m devoting myself 100% to being present in everything I do. Work during work hours and such. I’m tired of trying to do 17 things at once. It’s hard to balance when you have to focus on so many spinning plates.

It also means that if we are friends on Facebook, I might not be on quite as often… Sorry but that’s the first thing I’m cutting back on in an effort to be more balanced.

So here’s to a fabulous 2017! May yours be wonderful!

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