Oh baby girl. After two boys and all the smelly dirt-filled rough and tumble that comes with the territory, it’s so refreshing to celebrate all things sweet, delicate, and pink! Momma requested soft, feminine colors for this little peanut, and I was thrilled to oblige! Half the fun of newborn photography is gathering up all these sweet props in all the most beautiful colors! (The other half of the fun is baby snuggles, of course.)

And with two big brothers to look after  her, this little sweetheart is going to be so very protected. You can tell the excitement and the love that’s enveloped this family.


  • For older children, let them practice holding baby before the session. If they are comfortable with their new sibling, it will show on camera.
  • For little ones (under age 5) I typically have them sit or lay next to baby, although some preschool age children are receptive to holding their sibling on their lap.
  • Safety first! I never ask a child to do something he or she is uncomfortable with – if they don’t feel that they can hold baby safely, we will find another pose.
  • what to wear: My studio has beautiful exposed brick walls (you can see them here.) White, cream, soft pink, beige, and gray look amazing on families, and put the focus on their relationship with baby. I also have cream, tan, gray and black backdrops available if you prefer a different look.
  • With young kids, I usually photograph siblings and families first. This way dad or another caretaker can take the siblings to the park or to get lunch, or they can just relax in the studio.

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