Meet my friend Martha. She is a lovely person with HUGE ideas, and I adore chatting with her about business ownership and personal branding. She has a fabulous startup business  incorporating elder care, dementia care, and artistic quilting – it turns out that the repetitive nature of quilting combined with the creative process is a wonderful way to keep the brain sharp! I love the idea.

Her business Winter Morning Quilts has evolved into a new endeavor – Quilting for a Brighter Mind, which incorporates modified methods suited for all abilities with quilting instruction geared to help her clients keep their mind sharp. With her background in healthcare, elder care is a perfect extension to her hobby creating beautiful works of art.

Martha and I worked together to come up with a vision that was perfect for her – she lives in a beautiful old farmhouse, and incorporating some of that history into her session was very important. Her pets were vital to her story; they are rescues, and they helped rescue her, just like she wants to do for her clients. Showing her arthritic hands was also so important to her story – many of her clients also suffer from physical limitations, and she has learned many tricks to work through the stiffness and limitations. We also wanted to show her with her violin, because that’s a part of who she is – the music is important to her, and although she was reluctant to play for me, I reminded her that still photos don’t record music. 🙂

If you are a small business owner, please reach out! I’d love to collaborate with you on a personal branding session – together we could create up to 90 days worth of daily social media marketing, perfectly suited for your market, your vision, and your personal brand! Most of all, I want to tell your story!