Guys, this whole virus thing is not fun. I’m missing my clients! I’m missing the creative process. I’m missing the hustle and the routine of work. And I’m missing the hugs. (But I guess that will have to be missed a little longer.)

After consulting with medical professionals and listening to Governor DeWine’s recommendations for best practices, I’m ready to reopen my calendar for sessions, with a few protocols in place.

For all sessions:

  • You *must* reschedule if you are ill, or if anyone in your family is ill. I will also reschedule if I’m not well, or if anyone in my family is ill.
  • Please take temperatures for all members of your family before coming to your session. I will do the same.
  • I will wear a mask during the entirety of our session.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the session.

Family/Child/Senior sessions: 

  • These will take place OUTDOORS only, and I will recommend locations and times with smaller crowds.
  • I will stay AT LEAST 6′ away from clients during these sessions. All posing direction will be given verbally. For young kids, I’ll ask mom/dad to help with posing.
  • Props (if necessary) will be limited to items that can be sanitized.

Newborn/Baby sessions:

These sessions pose a particular problem with social distancing practices. The session process is very hands-on. I’ve implemented the following safeguards to best protect your little one.

If possible, I would greatly prefer to move our session outdoors. Outdoor newborn sessions are beautiful because they can incorporate nature. I may still place your baby into props, but I will not be in as much close contact as I am for indoor sessions. In addition, the natural breeze outdoors will move possible contagions away from the session area quickly, reducing exposure.

If you prefer to have your baby’s session indoors, I do have my small home studio area available, however I ask that you keep the following precautions in mind:

  • Immediate family only, please.
  • You will be asked to remove your shoes and wash your hands upon arrival.
  • The studio room will ultra-sanitized and will be set up with fans and heaters to move germs away from the session area.
  • In home sessions will be spaced at least 24 hours apart, to give time for sanitation.
  • Please wear a mask when you are not being photographed (I will provide paper masks if you do not have one.) All family members over age 3 should wear a mask. Babies and small children are exempt, as are people with medical issues that prohibit mask-wearing.
  • When family is being photographed, I will pose you while you are wearing your mask, then I will help you remove your mask and step away quickly to take the photo. After your images are captured, I will hold baby while you put your mask back on.
  • When you aren’t being photographed, please stay on the couch and refrain from touching things… you are welcome to bring along quiet toys for siblings, or I can put cartoons on the TV. Siblings will be expected to sit close to parents and not allowed to wander around the room.

All props for baby’s session will be super sanitized using disinfecting cleaners – this means some of my delicate wool props and vintage items may not be available for use, as they do not stand up to such harsh cleaning practices. I still have plenty of beautiful props, hats, and headbands available for use.

Oh one last rule: no hugs. 🙁

THANK YOU for your trust during this uncertain time! I can’t wait to get back to work this May.