I saw a meme. It was an uplifting thing declaring each and every person’s worth. You know that free salsa at the table of nearly every mexican restaurant? Yup that stuff that you just can’t help mindlessly eating until you really just aren’t hungry for your entree anymore? Yeah, that stuff is fun to snack on, but honestly it’s nothing to write home about. But CHEESE DIP? That queso stuff is GOOOD. (Same goes for guac. I love me some guac.) Thing is, it’s not free. It shouldn’t be, that stuff is pure gold.

Same with you, my friend. You are pure gold.

Anyway enough with my rambling. Let’s get to the point.


You are worthy. You are pure gold, even if you don’t think you are.

You are tender, caring, and even on the darkest spitup-covered days that you can’t seem to get anything done and laundry is piled to the ceiling and baby won’t let you put her down. You are worthy. Moms are amazing.

Happy Mothers’ Day!

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