Are you unsure if you should book a short session and a longer Signature session? Let me spend a few minutes telling you all about the Signature sessions and why they are my absolute favorite for families of young kids! These family sessions are about an hour long and give you the best possible combination of posed and candid portraits. Some photographers call these “lifestyle” sessions. I just call them fun.

  1. A Signature Photo Session gives us the opportunity to explore and get a variety of looks in your imagery. I usually pick larger parks with lots of diversity in locations and lighting conditions – and nowhere in the greater Cincinnati or NKY area is off limits. For this session, momma wanted water, so we ended up at Miami Whitewater Park in Harrison.
  2. We keep the kids moving, and it’s less stressful for everyone! It sounds backwards, but most kids actually behave better for the longer sessions than they do the shorter ones. I spend a lot of time during our session playing with them, talking to them, singing to them, falling down on the ground and making a general fool of myself. You don’t have to worry about scolding them or begging them to cooperate, because they are having too much fun to notice they are smiling!
  3. You’ll get candid AND posed images. And yes, I know you want one picture of everyone looking and smiling, but trust me when I say that sometimes the best images are the ones where they aren’t. Those in-between candid style images are harder to accomplish during a short session.
  4. Difficult kiddo? Definitely book a longer session. I pour so much energy into these Signature sessions, especially with a shy or difficult child. I work to make them trust me and to let their guard down and give authentically joyful expressions. Sometimes they just need a little more time than I can give during a mini session.

There are more reasons, but I think the best thing to do now is to show you what a Signature session feels like! Notice the play, the laughter, and the joy! (Pardon the overshare, these sessions are just too much fun.)