2020 was a very different year for everyone – I cannot express how much change our children have had to endure, and even more than that, how gracefully they’ve managed to embrace it. They are strong, resilient, and creative. They banded together in sibling groups, or in tiny support pods, to make social distancing more bearable. For those that couldn’t be together physically, they chatted virtually or with space between. They created and they learned and they found again the power of play.

Moms and Dads. I’m so proud of all of you for helping these kids through such a tough, different, sometimes scary year. It was a huge year for growth for you, too. You baked bread and you cleaned all the things and you attempted to maintain sanity when it felt the world was falling apart. You taught your children – no small task.

Today I want to share a session from a very special client – a mom, just like me, who did her very best during a global pandemic. Her session vision was nothing grand, but it meant everything. She simply wanted to capture this weird year in their lives.

Playing in the yard, online school, growing veggies in the garden, socially distant visits with grandparents and car birthday parades. These are the things that they wanted to remember. I hope they also remember the love they have for each other and the bright moments of this crazy year.

Storytelling sessions are a great way to remember a special time in your life. These minimally posed sessions are available on a limited basis. Contact Cara to book yours!