It’s such an honor when an old friend from grade school contacts you and asks you to shoot her wedding. Colette has always been a very fun person, and has thrown a heck of a party – I’ll never forget the Alice and Wonderland themed tea party she hosted back in 5th grade… mind you this was before themed parties were a regular thing, and I was definitely into it! So of course I was excited to hear of her plans for her and Josh’s wedding.

As we talked, I told her about my philosophy of documentary style wedding coverage – focusing more on the events, the emotions, and the people than all the trappings. I love just following my couples around and experiencing their day with them. I love seeing the special moments between friends and family, and capturing all of those little interactions. And when the bride told me that the most important thing to her was to have photos of her friends and family having a blast on the dance floor? That’s when I knew we were a perfect fit!

During a wedding, I work hard to be present to see instead of creating something artificial – I know this isn’t quite like what other photographers do during the course of their wedding coverage, but documenting what actually happens is definitely my favorite part of the day. And of course, there will be times for formal portraits, for family photos, and for capturing a few of those details the couple works so hard to create – after all that’s a part of the day – but really I’m interested in how those things FEEL not just what they look like.

Colette and Josh – your wedding lived up to everything I had hoped when you talked to me about your plans, and I’m so happy to have been a part of it.

Wedding Venue: St Thomas Episcopal Church, Terrace Park OH
Reception Venue: The Madison Event Center, Covington KY
DJ: Dan the DJ Man, Cincinnati OH
Video: Mark Ramey, Cincinnati OH
Cake: Spoon Fulla Sugar, Montgomery OH
Florist: Robbin Florist, Cincinnati OH