Ashton, Kings High School Senior Portraits

What do you get when you mix a gorgeous high school senior with an impeccable set of style with a location that has so much variety you can't stop shooting? You get way too many photos, that's what you get! I had zero self control during this session and took far too many photos, but we were having so much fun that neither of us wanted to stop. We even kept [...]

Sunny Days, Cincinnati Sunflower Photos

Once again, I'm adding in old sessions because I've been terrible at blogging! This sweet girl in the sunflowers had to be shared, even if it is a couple years later. This year's sunflower session opportunities are *almost* done, there's one field left to bloom, so if you want sun filled photos, call me today! Otherwise get ready for cozy sweaters and fal[...]

Living Local: Loveland Blooms

Ok so it's no secret that I love flowers. I grow a lot in my little yard and although I'm not great about giving them the water they need, I do very much enjoy having bright blooms. So when I was thinking about a new series featuring local mommas that do really cool things, the first person that popped into my head was Andrea from Loveland Blooms! Lovelan[...]

Team Summer, Cincinnati Family Photographer

Are you team Summer or Team Fall? It seems like just about everyone is getting ready for cozy sweaters and boots but man I'm over here in my flip flops soaking up every single warm evening I can get! Give me brightly colored flowers and a cold drink and a night that never ends. I've officially got a week left so I'm going to soak it up! Here's a family photo[...]

Little Miami, Loveland Ohio Family Photographer

Yup, I have a favorite location. The town of Loveland has really transformed itself in the last 5 years and it continues to do so. Restaurants and a brewery and parks improvements... It just keeps getting better! But the one thing that is a constant here is the river. It's been here since before there were people to walk through it, meandering along the rock[...]

Riverside, Loveland OH Senior Portraits

It's senior season and one of my favorite locations for senior portraits is absolutely amazing right now in all its late summer glory. The Little Miami River is an iconic spot for Loveland High School Senior Potraits. And since it changes with every rainfall, it never grows old. Kobi-D chose to have his senior portraits on the banks of the river, and of c[...]

Amanda + Kevin, St Clare Chapel Wedding Cincinnati OH

I like nice people. I mean genuinely nice people. The kind of people who love with their whole selves. The kind of people that celebrate relationships and not simply an event. The kind of people who are good to their wedding photographer of course. Ha! Ok yeah that one is always a bonus, but truthfully my favorite kind of wedding is the kind where two people[...]

Owen, Cincinnati Newborn Photographer

Sweet little Owen came into the studio with his big siblings for a perfect little Petite Newborn session, and those big kids were so perfect with him. It's amazing to see the instant love that siblings have for a new baby in the family, especially school aged kiddos. It's a combination of awe and wonder and novelty and protectiveness that is magical to see. [...]

Buzzy's Birthday Bash, Cincinnati Extended Family Photographer

Oh boy, 90 years is a big milestone! I loved celebrating their oldest family member's 90th birthday with a fun extended family photo session at the family lake house! The best part is that since they were all staying on the property there was such a fun party atmosphere. And I got cupcakes when we were done. I'll never turn down a cupcake. If you are plan[...]