Cincinnati Family Photographers

Cincinnati Family Photographers at Home Photo Session in the Snow I love a good warm blanket, a roaring fire, and a steaming cup of hot tea during the winter. But sometimes bundling up and having fun in the snow is absolutely called for! This family was one of my favorites, because they didn't shy away from all types of weather. In fact, they celebrated it [...]

At the Lake, Family Photography in Cincinnati

You know that day every fall when summer turns unmistakably to autumn? That suddenly cold, wet, day that just smells like fall? This was that morning. It was wet and cold, let me tell you! Family photography in Cincinnati is a bit unpredictable like that, and although I usually prefer to just reschedule, sometimes that's not really possible. But my clients d[...]

Stitching Together Memories, Personal Branding Photography

Meet my friend Martha. She is a lovely person with HUGE ideas, and I adore chatting with her about business ownership and personal branding. She has a fabulous startup business  incorporating elder care, dementia care, and artistic quilting - it turns out that the repetitive nature of quilting combined with the creative process is a wonderful way to keep the[...]

Greek Orthodox Church Wedding, Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

This wedding marked a new experience for me - a Greek Orthodox wedding! I love meeting new people and celebrating with my couples, and the traditions and dances they incorporated into their ceremony and reception were fabulous! I loved being a part of their big day, and they were honestly one of the sweetest and most relaxed couples I've met. They simply lov[...]

Three, Cincinnati Family Photographer

I can't believe how far behind I am on blogging... this sweet session was from back in 2017 when I was visiting Cincinnati for photography sessions. I'm so thankful that my clients have continued with me through my years in NY, but I'm also thankful to be back - we were recently able to catch up with these three for little R's four year pictures! Hopefully I[...]

Shiloh, 6 Months - Cincinnati Family Photographer

BRRR. That's all I really have to say about this session. Cincinnati has some really unpredictable weather in the fall, and peak leaf season doesn't aways coincide with warm weather season. Family photo sessions can sometimes take place with more than a bit of chill in the air! This little dude was a trooper and as long as we kept his hat on he bald little h[...]

Simply in Love, Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

So there's been a trend in wedding photography for 10 years now. I guess at that point you don't call it a trend anymore? Anyway, there's a trend in wedding photography that the focus should be on all the details that compromise a wedding day - all the trappings, if you will. The flowers, dress hanging, the ring and the centerpieces. I take those photos (qui[...]

Keep it Silly, Cincinnati Family Portrait Session

If there's one thing kids are good at, it's being a bit silly. There's a meme floating around the interwebs this fall. And I'm going to have to respectfully disagree... cancel that, I'm going to have to vehemently disagree. PLEASE let your kids be silly. Don't make them sit still and smile for their whole photo session. And don't hang all their happiness on [...]

Hope and Healing - Cincinnati Family Photographer

Creating normalcy in the face of a scary times - it's a very admirable goal for the parents of kiddos with very un-normal things going on. My little buddy Elijah and his family have been regulars here at Mischief and Laughs - with baby photos, new pregnancies, and family sessions, we've celebrated all of their milestones together. This new chapter of their l[...]