Firehouse Tour

We went with our Moms group to the local firehouse, the boys had a blast climbing around (and in) all the trucks! The best part: Alex says he's not afraid of the firemen or the smoke detectors anymore. I think this was the breakthrough we needed in our fear of all things fire-related. As they say, knowledge is power!

Alex at 3 1/2 yrs

Alex 3 1/2 yrs Originally uploaded by carareereeAlex is a sweet boy. He love space and trains. He wants to be an astronaut when he gets big. He is very much afraid of the smoke detectors, but he knows they protect us.He likes to go to school with Ms Cindy and play.His best friend is Alex P.He likes to eat different noodles with peas (tuna helper) and he love[...]

Cincinnati Museum

Cincinnati Museum Originally uploaded by carareereeAnother "staycation" photo. Chris wanted to take the kids to the Cincinnati museum center. They had a blast, although they don't have the kind of attention span that Chris would like during the history museum.

Cincinnati Zoo

Cincinnati Zoo Originally uploaded by carareereeChris is on vacation this week, we are doing nothing at all! It's great. Today weenjoyed the perfect, beautiful weather at the zoo. The kids had a good time, as always. Alex said his favorite animal was the train. Goofball!

Little Summer turns 2!

One of Baby Nate's friends had her 2nd b-day party today. She's a cutie. It's funny to think of Nate having friends. Oh well, he enjoys them all!

Sorry No Pics

Got a new computer, can't seem to get all the old pictures to transfer nicely to the new one. I don't want to download any more until I've got it squared away.Also, Nate's been a beast napping the last week or so. He screamed in his bed for almost 2 hours this afternoon. Finally I caved and rocked him until he relaxed, then laid down with him on the floor un[...]

Park Day with Pudie and Company

We all went down to Sawyer Pointe park and played. The kids had a blast! After that, we walked across the Purple People Bridge for pizza. The kids were all very good, even Zak, who had shots just that morning.The kids really miss getting to hang out together more often like we used to. It's gone from twice a week to maybe once a month. Unfortunately, by the [...]

Alex's Soccer Game!

The first soccer game on Saturday went pretty well. Alex kept coming in after the coach put him on the bench, he was so excited to play! Luckily, not all the kids were as enthusiastic, so it wasn't too bad that he took 3 turns in a row. He even scored a goal, although we're not sure if the ball was actually in play at the time. Oh well, the coaches from both[...]

Soccer Practice

Alex had his first soccer practice today. The league is for 3-5 year olds and he is on a team with our neighbors Ben and Lydia and his buddy Clay. This should be interesting! He did a great job listening to the coach, and he picked up on what to do from his little friends. Most of the 4 and 5 yr olds have done this before, which is good. Alex watches them an[...]