The kids (Alex, Nate, Zak, and Bella) were downstairs playing in the Fisher Price kitchen, feeding me and Puder fake food. What a treat, yum yum. Nate's play still consists of bringing me stuff and saying "mmmmm." Then my expected reply, I am supposed to pretend to eat, say "Wow, Nate that's a yummy ______" If I don't say "Wow" He says it for me.So Alex star[...]

A New Brother?

Before I stat this post... No, I'm not pregnant. Not even trying.We were riding home today and Alex said "I'm big. Nathan is getting big too. He's not little anymore. I need a new brother cause Nathan is too big."I said, "Oh, really... you want a new baby?"Alex said, "Yeah, I get rid of Nathan and get a new Nathan, a little one."So I guess his brother is not[...]

Captain Yogurt!

I fed the boys a snack the other day, a cup of yogurt. They were happy, so I went to the basement for a couple minutes to get some bigger shoes for Nate (his feet are growing again!) A minute later, Alex comes downstairs and says "Hi Mommy! Looka ME!" I turn and look, he has yogurt all over his head. It looks like a deep-conditioning treatment or something. [...]

Kinman Farms

We went to a great little pumpkin farm here in NKY, Kinman Farms. They had animals (which Nate LOVED to feed) and a corn maze. Alex was crazy about the maze, Zak did great (although I'm not sure he loved it) and Nate was along for the ride in the backpack with no complaints. Bella, however... about 5 minutes into the maze, she started complaining "My belly h[...]

Firehouse Tour

We went with our Moms group to the local firehouse, the boys had a blast climbing around (and in) all the trucks! The best part: Alex says he's not afraid of the firemen or the smoke detectors anymore. I think this was the breakthrough we needed in our fear of all things fire-related. As they say, knowledge is power!

Alex at 3 1/2 yrs

Alex 3 1/2 yrs Originally uploaded by carareereeAlex is a sweet boy. He love space and trains. He wants to be an astronaut when he gets big. He is very much afraid of the smoke detectors, but he knows they protect us.He likes to go to school with Ms Cindy and play.His best friend is Alex P.He likes to eat different noodles with peas (tuna helper) and he love[...]

Cincinnati Museum

Cincinnati Museum Originally uploaded by carareereeAnother "staycation" photo. Chris wanted to take the kids to the Cincinnati museum center. They had a blast, although they don't have the kind of attention span that Chris would like during the history museum.

Cincinnati Zoo

Cincinnati Zoo Originally uploaded by carareereeChris is on vacation this week, we are doing nothing at all! It's great. Today weenjoyed the perfect, beautiful weather at the zoo. The kids had a good time, as always. Alex said his favorite animal was the train. Goofball!