Baby Abby

Chris's cousins Rick and Nicole and their one-month-old baby girl came to visit us this week. Alex liked holding little baby Abby. We always have a great time when they come to visit. Unfortunately, I must report that the guys beat us ladies 3-2 this time the the euchre showdown.

Swinging Baby Nick

It was park day at Stringtown. Alex is very much into playing with babies these days. He's playing "get'em get'em" with Lisa's baby Nick.

Wedding in Lexington

We went to my cousin's wedding in Lexington Friday night. The kids were all pretty good, considering it was a 2 hour drive immediately followed by a wedding. It was outdoors and the minute we were seated, Alex runs up the aisle, past where the bride and groom were going to stand and out into the field beyond. Mortifying! But thankfully, he came back without [...]

Zoo Day

We had a great time at the Zoo today. The weather was a little cooler, so we didn't sweat to death. Of course, the biggest attraction wasn't the animals.... It was the TRAIN! The kids (except for Nate) are big enough to ride in the "caboose" seat by themselves. They had so much fun, and they were so cute!

Life's a Beach for Alex

Meanwhile, back on the homefront... Nate and I went to the wet park again. He wasn't loving the sprinklers this time. All he wanted to do was walk around and eat anything he could steal from anybody. He's so nosy! Oh well, we were there with several mom friends and their kids, so we got to visit.

Missing My Boy

I know he's having a great time, but I miss him. Good thing Mamaw's been sending lots of pictures. Some things he's been doing:Touching a dragonflyGoing to the beach.Looking for trains.Playing golf in the front yard.Breaking the basement window (see previous).Visiting Mamaw's friends at school.Seeing more trains.Looking at the waterfall.Eating milkshakes fro[...]

Alex's Week at Mamaw's

Alex is spending the week at his Mamaw and Papaw's house. He's having a really good time and has only cried a little. He's used to sleeping there and he has his own bed and everything, so he's been fine. But I miss him!The picture here is during the bad storms that came through Chesterton Monday night. They had to take him to the basement and he slept throug[...]

Chris and Mini-Chris

Boys and fish, I just don't get it. They have been spending quite a bit of time at Camp Ernst Lake lately. Alex has a blast!