My Boys

These boys have so much fun with their daddy. I hope they remember playing football and "daddy tunnel" and all the other roughhousing boy games they love to play.

Halloween Spooktacular

We went to GE for a family party with all of Chris's coworkers and their kids. So much fun! They had all sorts of games set up and a craft room, lots of food, and CANDY! Both the boys liked the cornhole game the most. Nate actually won the costume contest! They loved his semi-homemade costume and the fact that he was hamming it up there on stage. We got a mo[...]

Alex's Christmas List so far...

We got the Toys-R-Us big toy book in the paper, so I let Alex look at it to see what he says he wants for christmas. Top of the list: a space ship. A real one. Yes, he wants Santa to bring the space shuttle to him on his sleigh, so he can go to space. I think Santa better put those elves to work on a realistic-looking model...Other things on the list that wo[...]

Fall 2008 Soccer Season

Make a Smilebox scrapbookSaturday, Alex had his last soccer game, so we all bundled up and headed to the field! Nana and Papa joined us and brought Zak and Bella. Those two were so excited to see Alex play soccer!He did a great job. He has learned so much in the six short weeks of the season. I know that three-year-olds playing soccer are by no means "pros,"[...]