Park Day with Pudie and Company

We all went down to Sawyer Pointe park and played. The kids had a blast! After that, we walked across the Purple People Bridge for pizza. The kids were all very good, even Zak, who had shots just that morning.The kids really miss getting to hang out together more often like we used to. It's gone from twice a week to maybe once a month. Unfortunately, by the [...]

Alex's Soccer Game!

The first soccer game on Saturday went pretty well. Alex kept coming in after the coach put him on the bench, he was so excited to play! Luckily, not all the kids were as enthusiastic, so it wasn't too bad that he took 3 turns in a row. He even scored a goal, although we're not sure if the ball was actually in play at the time. Oh well, the coaches from both[...]

Soccer Practice

Alex had his first soccer practice today. The league is for 3-5 year olds and he is on a team with our neighbors Ben and Lydia and his buddy Clay. This should be interesting! He did a great job listening to the coach, and he picked up on what to do from his little friends. Most of the 4 and 5 yr olds have done this before, which is good. Alex watches them an[...]

Visit to Grandma's Waterfalls

We visited Chris's parents near Chicago this weekend... The weekend of the hurricane Ike rainstorm. It rained from Friday until Tuesday! They were so flooded. But on Saturday, the clouds parted for about 2 hours and we headed to the watershed park to let the boys see the flowers and waterfalls. Nate just wanted to touch the water. I thought for sure he would[...]

Messy Art Day

I hosted a "Messy Art Day" for the Moms Club. We had a great time! There were almost 20 kids that showed up, and they all had so much fun painting. I'm just glad it didn't rain. There's no way I would have this kind of mess inside the house!

Kings Island!

We met Spongebob on the way in. Nate wanted to poke him!Alex loved to ride "his" rollercoaster. He also liked the Monster and the Scrambler (which Daddy refused to ride.) The kid has no fear, he pointed to the Vortex and told me he wanted to ride "the Big, Big Rollercoaster!"Of course, we had to take a ride on the train!Poor Daddy got soaked on the log flume[...]

Nate's First Cubs Game!

Ok, so in reality it was a Reds Home game... But truthfully, I think there were just as many Cubs fans there that night. Including us in our Cubbie Blue. (Sorry all my fellow Cincinnatians, but I guess I'm a Cubs fan now. After all, they're the lovable loosers!) And unfortunately, they were loosers the night we were there. Nate was terrified of the fireworks[...]