Senior Session Information

I’ve fashioned my senior sessions to be all about you – show your interests, your style, and your beauty to the fullest. Go glam, au natural, edgy and fresh, or just be you. Whatever we do, your portraits will be a perfect reflection of who you are.

I am always willing to try new ideas – if you have something specific in mind for your session, please let me know and I will try to make it happen

Most seniors choose the Signature Session option, which includes generous time for outfit changes and plenty of time to get comfortable in front of the camera and capture a variety of images. Sessions are usually about 1.5-2 hours in length, but that time may be longer or shorter. The session fee for a signature session is $150, and my clients plan to spend $300 or more after the session on prints, albums, digital images, and other options.

The Logistics:

Most of my seniors opt for the gorgeous evening light that comes around sunset, however if you need to schedule your session at a different time (morning or midday) that is definitely ok with me. Weekends are limited and generally book weeks in advance – if you prefer a weekend session, please plan ahead!

I prefer to shoot outdoors using natural light. However if you have a really awesome indoor location you would like to discuss, please let me know. My favorite locations range from natural, to elegant, to urban.

Clothing, Makeup, and Hair:

I allow unlimited clothing changes, however most of my senior portrait clients bring along 3 outfits.

Senior Girl What to Wear Ideas

Senior Guy What to Wear Ideas

My general advice to seniors is to choose clothing that you are above all comfortable in. Your clothing should be “you” and allow your personality to shine though. If multiple outfits are desired, I usually recommend a trendy, a classic, and a dressy look.

Many photographers suggest to choose dark colors or all solids, so that you won’t regret your clothing choices down the road. I say to take this advice with a grain of salt – I encourage my seniors to break a few rules! Don’t be afraid to wear something fun, colorful, or unique to your session! Also, Don’t forget accessories! A necklace, a scarf, a chunky belt, an awesome hat, or killer heels will make your photos unique! Layers are a great way to add interest.

For the girls – Makeup should definitely be worn on the day of your session. Powder is helpful for keeping the shine off. Foundation should be worn, however it should not look caked on. Highligher and skin brightener products should be used sparingly, as this tends to create uneven skin tone in images. Eye makeup is especially important in photos, as it helps the eyes pop. I will allow time for makeup touchups if needed. Hair should be natural looking. For the girls especially, I tend to use hair as a way to frame the face, so don’t over-hairspray your hair, especially for outdoor portraits! I will be on the lookout for stray hairs, and I will help you correct them as I pose you.

For the guys – A fresh haircut about a week before the session is recommended. Shave the morning of your session as well. Make sure clothing is unwrinkled (hang button-down shirts and slip them on right before the session – don’t wear them in the car!) Don’t forget that shoes will be in your pictures… your sneakers that look great with one outfit may not look right with another. PRO TIP: guys can wear makeup for their portraits, too. Ask your girlfriend or mom to help with a bit of concealer if you have blemishes.


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