Special Offers

Social Distancing Sale

This crazy virus has messed up everything. Including small business.


This virus is making things HARD for small businesses. I’m currently unable to work, and sadly missing photographing clients during the crucial spring portrait season. Usually this time of year brings in the first substantial profit of the calendar year, since winter is “slow season” for photographers. I can only hope for a very strong summer and fall portrait season to make up for it.

If you were planning to have your portraits taken this year, this is a wonderful opportunity to pre-book your session and take advantage of $100 in savings! Also, you don’t have to know an exact date; a general month is fine. One thing I’ve learned from all of this is that any plans we make are ultimately not in our hands.



Book any future Signature or Petite session in 2020
get a complimentary $100 product credit
good for any print or digital purchases


Offer expires when Ohio’s stay-at-home order is lifted, currently May 1.
Not valid in conjunction with mini sessions.


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