Storytelling Sessions

Go beyond portraits and capture your family just as they are.

Storytelling sessions are about 2 hours in length, to properly capture the story of what makes your family special. The focus of these sessions will be candid, unposed, documentary portraiture. We can take a few posed family images, if desired, but the bulk of my time will be spent observing you and capturing you just as you are.

Storytelling Session – $200
2 hours of candid photo coverage
video montage for social media

*session fee covers time during the session, print and digital collections are available after the session, with options starting at $300. Most Storytelling clients prefer to purchase a physical album, with album prices starting at $600.

Storytelling Session FAQ’s:

  • How is this different from a normal session in the park? Well, for starters, documentary photography a true to life experience. It’s low stress, low prep. I’ll follow your family around through their everyday, observing and capturing them just as they are. It’s an intimate look at your family, a slice of life.
  • What will we do during the session? That’s up to you. We’ll discuss a few easy activities we can plan for our session, to keep things moving. Making breakfast, a day at the park, a trip for ice cream, bath time with the little ones, etc. These are all great concepts to explore!
  • What should we wear? Don’t worry about matching the perfect coordinated ensemble. Wear your normal clothes! However, it is sometimes helpful to avoid writing on clothing, or colors that look garish (neon, for example does not photograph well.)
  • My house is – tiny, messy, dark, cluttered, insert word here. It’s ok. You can pick up if you want, or not. I’m really no one to judge. I’ll bring along lighting equipment to use if absolutely necessary, however I usually embrace low light situations.
  • I mean really, I don’t want to be at home. We don’t have to be actually in your home for these sessions. We can plan activities that take us out and about if you prefer!
  • It’s my kid’s birthday/bar mitzvah/bat mitzvah/dance recital/etc. Can you take pictures? Definitely! These occasions are perfect for a storytelling session! If you want more than two hours of coverage, just let me know and we’ll create a custom collection for you.