500 Fans Dream Photo Session Giveaway!

500 fans. I am totally floored. I remember it wasn’t long ago that I was cheering because I finally hit 200 fans! I am thrilled by the support you all have given me, and the fact that you appreciate the art I produce. I hope to continue to grow in both skills and vision.

I really want this giveaway to be about YOU. What you want from a photo session. So I have made the prize a “dream session” and I hope that you will share your session ideas with me. Dream big – think creatively. What would you like for me to capture? Is it a specific person who is very special to you? Is it an everyday moment that you don’t want to forget? Does your child have a passion you would like me to commemorate? Or would you like me to come along with you on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and take pictures of your fun?

Of course, if your dream is to just simply have a family photo session in the park, that is ok too. It’s your dream after all.

How to enter:

If you aren’t already a fan, become one here.

– Mandatory entry: Simply make a comment here telling me what you dream session would be. If you win, I will try to make it happen! You comment counts as one entry.

– Optional bonus entry: Be social! Facebook, tweet, post on your favorite forum, etc. about this giveaway. Then come back here and make a second comment indicating that you have done so and where.  Sharing is as easy as copy/pasting the link from your browser above along with a few kind words. Or you can copy/paste the following into your Facebook status, including the link: Mischief and Laughs Photography is giving away a free session! Check it out here: http://wp.me/p1h2HU-Jn

The contest will end January 30th, and the winner will be chosen on randomly in a drawing from random.org.

Runners up: Occasionally I get bored, and I want to shoot something different and fun. Throughout the year, I may use this list of “dream sessions” as the starting point for some awesome free sessions. So even if you are not the main winner, if you come up with something that really interests me, you might get an email from me at a later date with an offer to shoot your dream session at no charge to you. Any runners up sessions will include a $25 print credit, and my normal minimum purchase requirements will be waived. There will be an unspecified number of runners up, and all runners up sessions will be hand picked exclusively be me.


The fine print: As much as I would like to say I could make ANY dream session come true, the truth is that my own personal funds may not allow it. In other words, if you want me to shoot you and your family on the gorgeous beaches of a 5-star resort in Bali, I won’t be able to fly all of us there.  So I am limiting the free session to the greater Cincinnati/Northern KY area. If you would like me to travel outside of these areas, it may be possible, but travel fees would have to be paid by you (i.e.; if you want to pay my way to Bali, then let’s do it!) If there are any entrance, admission, or shooting fees for the location you choose, they must be paid by you, including my admission.  The winning session must be held before August 31, 2012. You will receive a 16×20 canvas of the image of your choice, or you may substitute any one print, canvas, or float wrap of equal or lesser value. If you would like a larger canvas than 16×20, you are certainly welcome to upgrade, you would just pay the price difference. No other prints or digital images are included in the session giveaway, you will have the opportunity to purchase any items you wish after the session. My normal minimum purchase requirements will be waived.


  1. Rachel Knollman says:

    I want a dream session down at the stadium!!!! I want to capture Carter out on the field playing his little heart out, doing what he loves to do….just being a boy! I would love to capture some shots with Adam and me playing with him, just having fun as a family, enjoying being together. How often do you get a chance to be the only people on the field in an NFL stadium?!?! Might as well catch it at this age so that we can compare it to when he’s really playing there in about 19 – 20 years!!! 😉

  2. Rachel Knollman says:

    Ok, I have put this on my facebook status and on twitter! Woot Woot!!!!

  3. Tonya Robison says:

    My DREEEEEAM session would be you coming to Louisville and us taking some sweet pictures down by the river at some great spots I’ve seen others get their pictures taken. However, a close second would be of our family in downtown Cincinnati/NKY somewhere simply because the skyline is GORGEOUS! Included in this dream is having our newest little Robison in the pictures too! So much fun!

  4. Tonya Robison says:

    I posted this on Facebook and twitter.

  5. Mandi Mullaney says:

    My dream session would be on a beach somewhere….but since I’m not planning a beach vacation this year I would love to have a superhero photo shoot with my kiddos. Their favorite thing to do is to dress up and Ava’s costumes always include a cape too.

  6. Sarah Rice says:

    My dream session would be right here on the Delaware beaches (Rehoboth or Lewes) with my family! Out of town, you say? Why yes. But it would include, for your own family (whom I obviously know), free lodging and meals for your own family beach vacation!!! Must be done before we move back to the 859 though this summer and when warm weather finally arrives (May/June)! I could even snap a few beach shots of your own family 🙂

  7. Kristin wise says:

    My dream session would be simply outside with my beautiful family with fun candid shots!

  8. chris says:

    my dream session would be me and the boys in our backyard. the actual dream part….someone with the patience to work with zane and capture who he is…not what he is.

  9. chris says:

    and i posted it as my status. (c:

  10. Rachel Scott says:

    My dream session would be somewhere outdoor in the springtime with lots of flowers and nature in the background with my family. My mom,dad, and brothers would be there since we have not had a family portrait since I was like 5 and I would graciously give the canvas to my mother with a picture of her 4 kids, something she has always wanted but pretty much never has had.

  11. Rachel Scott says:

    I also posted this to my Facebook account!!

  12. Jaime says:

    My dream session would be to have my family photographed on UC’s campus. Our family is a huge fan of UC sports, especially football and basketball. We would love to have some pictures that showcase us as fans!

  13. Jaime says:

    I posted your link and giveaway on Facebook.

  14. Amanda says:

    My dream session would be a lifestyle session about taking my three littles to the grocery store and library!

  15. Brittany M says:

    My dream session would be in the Spring at the Cincinnati Zoo when they have their tulip displays! My session would be a family session with my husband, myself and our 4 kiddos. We haven’t had family pictures done with all 4 kids yet!! I would love a family shot in all those beautiful colors and also candid shots of my kiddos doing their thing! 🙂

  16. Kelly says:

    My dream session would be shot at Spring Grove Cemetary & Arboretum where I had my wedding at The Norman Chappel and ajoining grounds 12 years ago. This time all about our family!!! I think it’d be neat to recapture some of the same spots and make new memories as well… we weren’t able to get anything but proofs from our wedding photographer (LONG STORY) so a large family portrait in that atmosphere would be outstanding!

  17. Brittany M says:

    Shared on Facebook 🙂

  18. Kelly says:

    Shared via FB

  19. Alisha Proctor says:

    I always dreamed that Kyle and I would someday have a child. Now that we do, my dream photo session would simply be pictures of me and my “dream family”.

    I re-posted your giveaway on Facebook.

  20. Kend says:

    I would love to have a family session with my now one-year-old! The last formal pictures I have are from our wedding and I’d love to take a picture in the summer where we took our wedding pictures with just her and put them side by side. It was in Devou Park at the Behringer-Crawford museum.

  21. tiff says:

    My dream session would be if my family outdoors just having fun

  22. tiff says:

    Ok posted to my Facebook

  23. Randi Mullaney says:

    I don’t know if this is included in the rules or not….but my dream session would actually be to brighten the day of my co-worker, Amy Elam. Amy is a supermom. She is truly an inspiration and I think it would be awesome to have a session capturing a day in the life of Amy. Amy’s daughter, Jessica, has been fighting a rare cancer called Ependyoma, for ten years. Amy has watched her daughter go through good times and bad, all the while, working full time and maintaining a household with her husband and two other children. She has an AMAZING amount of faith and provides hope and support for other families that have children with cancer. Amy, in support of her daughter losing her hair to chemo treatments, held a “hair cutting event” to raise funds for childhood cancer research this summer and even shaved her head to demonstrate the tremendous love that she has for Jessica. This is just one example of Amy’s loving spirit! Amy is always there to help others and I feel like it’s her time to receive a little pampering. Because of the frequent times that Jessica has been hospitalized, they have not had a family photo done in several years. I think that it would be awesome to capture this family and the woman that is so very special to them and everyone that she meets! If this doesn’t qualify for the dream session-maybe a Mother’s Day session?! Thanks!

    1. Kelly says:

      I know the rules say nothing about voting for someone else and their dream but this HAS to be the winner! I revoke my entry!!!

  24. Nicole says:

    My dream photo shoot would be of my soon to be three years old birthday gathering. She has had a very rough soon to be three years. I would love to capture her excitement on her big day, as well as capturing all of the love surrounding her from her family and friends.

  25. Nicole says:

    I also shared as my status facebook. Fingers crossed!

  26. Brenda says:

    My husband and I have been married 7.5 years and we don’t have any recent photos of us together. I would love to document our relationship and show how our love has grown. I would love to do the session at a putt putt place or a county fair to show our fun side. We love to laugh together!

  27. Stephanie Proctor says:

    I’m crazy about pictures of my girls so a dream session would just be some awesome pictures of my girls playing and having sisterly fun in their element. They have such sweet little personalities and really love to play with each other (most of the time). Ideally this would be outside in the springtime with some pretty flowers.

  28. Stephanie Proctor says:

    posted on FB! Yay for bonus entries!

  29. janet says:

    any pictures of my one pounder preemie miracle who’s about ready to graduate high school..he has NYC connections that could get pictures at some pretty awesome places if you’re open to a road trip!

  30. Randi Mullaney says:

    Sorry-forgot to say that I posted on Facebook.

  31. Julia says:

    My dream session would be capturing us all together being who we are! I have tons of pictures of Isaac playing or of us posed as a family, but not any of us actually being a family! We all love being outdoors so any fun outdoor location would be amazing! 🙂

  32. Vicki Haney says:

    My dream session could be anywhere my “sweetie” is. Bob and I have been married for 38 wonderful years and have never had pictures of just us. Our wedding pictures did not turn out (a long story) and I would love to have some beautiful pix to pass on to our children and our grand-darlin’.

  33. Forgot to say posted to Facebook =0

  34. Tara Schuchter says:

    After reading all of the posts, I love the post nominating Amy Elam. It is truely touching. I would love to have a photo session of our family around the house doing our favorite activities together or I would love to have a photo session of my oldest daughter on the soccer field as goalie. She puts herself in harms way many times to make the saves for her teams. She only has two years left before going to college and has battled everyday headaches for over a year and was blind as an infant. But, it doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves.

  35. Tara Schuchter says:

    Posted this great website on my facebook page. Hope lots of friends come to visit.

  36. Cathy says:

    My dream session – just my family together playing outside. But I would love to have a session where my girls could be photographed in the most whimsical of outfits to fit their mood and playing in a field of wild flowers! Could my dogs come too!?
    I need to add to this. I really want my parents in the pictures too. We don’t have any good pictures with my girls and my parents. They would love to participate.

    1. Cathy says:

      I need to add to this. I really want my parents in the pictures too. We don’t have any good pictures with my girls and my parents. They would love to participate. 🙂

  37. Elizabeth says:

    I think my dream session would be something that would make me laugh every time I looked at it. I haven’t figured out all the details, but maybe DH and I would be wearing the Superhero capes while our children are wrecking havoc around us. Or maybe we could get the kids all dressed up and then let them loose in the mud. I’m thinking something that would capture the chaos and the fun and the stress and the insanity of raising 3 wild, young kids.

  38. Elizabeth says:

    And, I’m sharing on Facebook.

  39. Penelope says:

    We would love to have a family photo shoot in Wegerzyn Park. The back drops there are all so unique from the English Garden to the wooden bridge in the swamp area and the whimsy in the Children’s Garden. We love that park and it would be so lovely to have our family captured in a place that we enjoy so much. http://www.metroparks.org/Parks/WegerzynGarden/Home.aspx

  40. Penelope says:

    Posted on FB.

  41. Mandi says:

    I shared on FB

  42. Melissa Kozinn says:

    Raising my only daughter so far from our family is really trying at times. My dream session would be a weekend when both my mom and mother in law are in town visiting and we shoot 3 generations. There is a 4th generation but they aren’t able to travel as often 🙁

  43. Christy S says:

    I don’t have any place in mind but I would love to get my family together for group shots. We have added husbands, wives and babies to our family and my mom recently loss a lot of weight from a weight loss surgery. It’s been a long time since we had family pictures.

  44. My dream session would be a beautiful family portrait including our newborn daughter (due in March), a proud big sister and our new family of four. Oh, how I would love to decorate my home with photos of sisterly love and beaming parents.

  45. I shared via facebook. 🙂

  46. Kristin Steele says:

    My Dream Session would be of my son, Trevor, who will be ONE tomorrow. I would love to do an outdoor session of him running around. He is all boy and he is the happiest baby ever! I would love pics of him walking down rail road tracks…on a tie swing, swinging enjoying the day or something around tall grass or all of them! Anything boy related would be adorable!

  47. Kristin Steele says:

    Shared on Facebook!!

  48. Melanie Sawyer says:

    My dream session would include my stepdaughter. We don’t get to see her much and would love to have high quality pics of her together with her sisters. My dream location would be at The Children’s Discovery Garden in Woodlawn, OH. The gardens are beautiful and there are things for the kids to discover and explore. I’d love to capture their innocence and curiosity before they’ve out grown it.

  49. Melanie Sawyer says:

    I just posted your link on Facebook!

  50. Tiffany Snowball says:

    I would like a dream session at Great American Ballpark. I think it would be super cute and super fun to have my 1 year old play on the field 🙂
    Actually, I’ve rethought my dream session My second choice would be Great American…. My first choice would be Rupp Arena. We are huge UK fans and that would be just be awesome!!!

    1. Tiffany Snowball says:

      Actually, I’ve rethought my dream session 🙂 My second choice would be Great American…. My first choice would be Rupp Arena. We are huge UK fans and that would be just be awesome!!!

  51. Maryah M says:

    My dream photo would be of my parents. I’d love to see their nearly 45 years of marriage documented with a photo of them in front of the little church where they said “I do!” it’s in a little Indiana countryside church near Cincy!

  52. Maryah M says:

    Posted it on facebook!!!

  53. […] PS: If you are local to the Cincinnati/NKY area, you can enter to win a free full session with me and a 16×20 gallery wrap canvas! Click here to enter. […]

  54. Debbie Martin says:

    I would love to have a session with all my adult children and their spouses and their children—outdoors somewhere beautiful, preferably. I would rather you choose the spot because you have such an amazing eye.

  55. Tamara says:

    I would love a father/son photo shoot at a barber shop. My two men with shaving cream and tears for babys first haircut.

  56. Jennifer Maki says:

    My dream session would be at a beautiful park somewhere. Would love to find a park that has a pond/lake…or waterfall would be cool – hanging out with my family – laughing, chasing each other, and snuggling. Oh…and all of my kids will be cooperative and happy the entire time. 🙂 If you can make that last part happen, that would be a winner. 😉

  57. Jennifer Maki says:

    I posted on FB. 🙂

  58. Joanie Dilbeck says:

    I have like 54,387,534 dream sessions. I would absolutely *LOVE* to have good family portraits made. I’d love to do a superhero shoot with the little ones and the dirty little secret is that I think it would be awesome to have family portraits made as superheroes. We’re just crazy enough for it to work. Gotham City is actually based on several different buildings in Cincinnati so it would rule to have some downtown superhero shots.

  59. Joanie Dilbeck says:

    Shared via Facebook!

  60. Jennie says:

    My dream session would be to capture the playful silliness that goes on between my two boys and their daddy. The pure joy and happiness in their face when they see him and wrestle around with him is always something that i wish I could capture on film!

  61. Linda Webster says:

    My dream session would be a family shoot in which the sheer joy of my girls shines through. A great background would be the Krohn Conservatory, surrounded by butterflies.

  62. Jennifer Laumann says:

    I would love to have a “generation” picture done. My daughter is having my first granddaughter next month and I would love to have a picture of her, my daughters, myself and my mom. It would be a wonderful keepsake for all and a perfect Mother’s Day gift. The location could be at my house which we are building in Union. What a wonderful way to remember everyone.

  63. Jennifer Laumann says:

    I shared your link on my facebook page. My cousin, Susan Meier, highly recommended you.

  64. Sarah Quinn says:

    My dream session would be to capture our family post-leukemia. Brodie is cancer-free, and we have a new vision of life now! It would be amazing to have you capture this time in our lives and have something positive to remember it by!

  65. Sarah Quinn says:

    Posted to FB!

  66. Kotie Clem says:

    My dream session would be of my sweet baby boy that’s on the way. He is due March 16th, 2012. I have 2 girls 5 & 7 that can’t wait to be big sisters!

  67. Barb elleman says:

    My dream session would be capturing our family doing what we love…. Tennis…all 5 of us play- even 4 year old NATi. . I’d love to capture it with your wonderful artistic twist.

  68. Cyndi Johnson says:

    I would love to have myself, my three children, son in law and two grandchildren and maybe my step son, his wife and child in an outdoor photo.Maybe on an old stone wall with lush grass and trees hanging down. 🙂 (3 grandchildren under the age of two)!!!

  69. Cyndi Johnson says:

    I shared with my Facebook Friends!

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