Exploring Food | Cincinnati Commercial Photography

Food is a necessary part of my life, just like most humans out there. But never so much a part of my art. You see, I’m not a cook. Sure, I cook stuff, but it’s usually in my crock pot since I’m busy pretty much all the time. And when it’s done, we eat it, we don’t photograph it. Because, well, after all the busy-ness of the day, we’re hungry and it’s dark.

But as my ever loving husband said when I told him I can’t do food photography… “well, then learn how.”

And with that, I’m going to start learning how. And maybe we’ll get a few nice meals out of the deal, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

(For some serious inspiration, check out The Bloom Forum! You can join the forum to see even more. There are some truly awesome photographers on there posting beautiful food pictures nearly daily as of late.)

First up: semi-homemade chicken pot pie.


And next, one of my lunch time favorites: Caprice Salad. Tastes like summer.



I’m really excited to further my journey in photography with practice with this new subject type! Hopefully I’ll learn a thing or two and grow along the way.

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