Simply in Love, Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

So there’s been a trend in wedding photography for 10 years now. I guess at that point you don’t call it a trend anymore? Anyway, there’s a trend in wedding photography that the focus should be on all the details that compromise a wedding day – all the trappings, if you will. The flowers, dress hanging, the ring and the centerpieces. I take those photos (quickly) because you worked hard to put all that stuff together and the cake’s gonna get eaten and the flowers are gonna wilt and you should have a record of all the time and good money spent on those things. No fear – if I’m at your wedding, all those things will all get recorded for posterity in a beautiful way.

But, brides. Here’s the deal – that stuff is just filler. It’s a good way to get your wedding published in a magazine. It’s pretty and fun for your guests. But I promise you this 1000 times. That stuff doesn’t REALLY matter.

What matters is the laughter you share with your best friends here on earth.

What matters is the look he gives when you walk down the aisle.

What matters is the love of family on this special day.

What matters is that you are getting MARRIED. And that day is a living breathing moving moment in time, something that flies in a blink of an eye. Something that is so ripe with feeling and emotion that it will be impossible to take it all in at once.

So what actually matters to me is that I get photos of the moments. And I’ll take those pictures of all those pretty things, but if I hear your tribe so engrossed in laughter that they clasp their sides or if I see a mom holding back tears when she sees her baby dressed for her wedding day, you better believe that I’m gonna leave that centerpiece in the dust and I’m gonna run over there and tell your story the best way I know how.

Because THAT is my job. To simply show your wedding day in its fullest.