Anna Kate’s 3 Month Pictures

Ok, so they are a little late. I’ve been hem-hawing around waiting for a new camera. Finally I realized that this baby is NOT getting any younger! So before she turns 4 months old, I should probably take some “official” 3 month old pictures.

Note – this is the first child I’ve done this with. They boys had mall-studio portraits, and while those are nice I think I like the individuality and the love that comes with taking some good pictures myself. I may have another go at it soon though. A different outfit, some different poses, and maybe a helper to try to coax a smile out of her.



  1. Amanda @ my everyday says:


  2. Beth Eaton says:

    Oh my…you have a beautiful baby!!! I'll be anxious to hear how much fun you have during those teenage years. Enjoy your bliss everyday!!

  3. Alisha says:

    She is just beautiful, as is your photography! Thanks for your comment on my blog =)

  4. Faith says:

    I SO love this!!

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