Boys will be Boys – Cincinnati Child Photographer

Finally! The winner of the Mother’s Day Session giveaway! This sweet momma of three little boys is very dear to me, and I know that she is one of the most fun-loving momma’s on the face of the planet. She is always one to taker her kids on awesome adventures – the kind of simple fun that ought to be a part of childhood. So I knew that her session had to capture the sense adventure that her family loves. I suggested to her that we go creeking… on a photo session… and she jumped all over it! And I’m so glad, because I think that it was the perfect session for these guys.

I have the sneaky suspicion that they kinda enjoyed getting to hop in the water too. I mean, if you were a little boy, wouldn’t you?

Thanks again, Melanie, for jumping on board with my crazy ideas! You are an awesome momma. 🙂

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very small frog

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  1. I LOVE these pictures…all of them! I love the way Bo’s blue eyes pop out and you got a lot of “real” smiles from the boys. You really did a great job!

  2. Tiffany Bosse says:

    Those are awesome pics! Where is that location? My kids would have loved that…

  3. Pat Baker says:

    Can’t begin to express how well you captured this lovely women and her boys!!! On behalf of her friends, thanks! Where were you when my children were little?!?!

  4. Sarah Ross says:

    These are just beautiful! I love them all!

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