A Princess is Born {Northern KY Newborn Photographer}

This little sweet pea is the fresh new baby sister of one of the very first newborns I ever had the pleasure of photographing. Her brother previously held the record for easiest baby to take pictures of, but little Naomi blew that out of the water! She arrived sleepy and ready for pictures, and an hour later, we had a full gallery for her momma. Most newborns take 2-3 hours, because we have to feed and soothe them into a deep sleep… nope, not Naomi. She just wanted to sleep, sleep, sleep!

Thanks again to this wonderful family for letting me capture your sweet baby’s first days, and best of luck to you as a family of four!

Northern Kentucky Newborn has a big yawn


  1. Mandi Mullaney says:

    That pink monkey hat almost makes me want another one……almost! Instead I’ll just admire sweet Naomi.

  2. Rhonda Dosal says:

    Wow..the pictures are amazing….and she’s a beautiful little princess:)

  3. Tonya Robison says:

    She. Is. So. Cute.

  4. Barbara Scott says:


  5. Becky says:

    That’s my sleepy girl! 🙂 love them!

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