100 Summer Days, Northern Kentucky Child Photographer

Personal photos are always my favorite. They are why I picked up my camera in the first place, and they are why I continue to pick up my camera. Taking photos of my own family helps me to grow as an artist in a way that no client work could possibly. The images I take keep me grounded in the world beyond the “perfect” image. They teach me to embrace the moment more fully, and they give me reason to seek out the beauty that this world has to offer. This summer, I took on a “100 summer days” project along with some wonderful friends I made in The Bloom Forum’s workshops with  Deb Schwedhelm. I lost track officially sometime after the Fourth of July, however I ended up with well over 100 images that I adore, and I suppose that’s the important part. If you would like to see all the pictures in this project one at a time, feel free to head over to Flickr and take a look. 100days