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Teresa + Mark, Professional Branding Portraiture

Teresa and Mark are part of the Milborne LLC family, and wanted professional branding portraits that exemplified the professional but outdoorsy nature of their business. After consulting with them on their needs, we decided that a Modern Headshot sessions with portraits both indoors and outdoors would be appropriate. They were photographed at a location that exuded the breezy Florida feeling they are surrounded with each day. I can’t wait to see their portraits on the website.

Professional Branding Portraiture goes far beyond simple “headshots.” With a more relaxed feel than a traditional studio portrait, and a style that captures your working environment, it is a perfect choice for any modern business. Professional Branding photography is perfect for editorial media, and firm marketing and is ideal for social media. Content marketing enables a business to market more than what they do – it allows them to create a brand around who they are, and gives customers a face to put with the name. This is the new age of personal brand photos.

Modern Headshot sessions start at $200, and full service content marketing packages start at $400. Please contact Cara to find out more.

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