Keep the Babies Happy, Cincinnati Family Photographer

Kids are fun. Especially toddlers. My job – a family photographer – is so super awesome because it gives me the opportunity to be completely silly. I lace up my sneakers and get ready to play. But you know, sometimes kids just aren’t digging it. Sometimes they don’t want a weird lady with a camera following them around. Sometimes they just want to wear a minions shirt and play in the porta-potty.

And that’s exactly what happened this fateful day. I mean, the minion shirt is way cooler than a plain old blue shirt. And that porta-potty was pretty awesome.

These folks are another wonderful family who has stuck with me through all the move craziness, waiting until I came back, scheduling sessions here and there while I’m visiting family. It’s such an honor to have clients with that kind of loyalty.

Anyway… we got a few photos near the lake, and the three year old saw the porta-potty and it was all over. There were tears. Lots of tears. Which obviously when you are photographing kids is not what you want. I tried every trick in the book.

So since nothing worked, we met him where he was. We played ball, we slid on the slide, we even got wet in the spray park. Maybe it wasn’t exactly what his parents and I were expecting from the session, but it was pretty wonderful. We got smiles and we got real life. We got a baby diving headlong down the slide. We even got a few fleeting cuddles. What more can you ask for?