Best of 2021 – Cincinnati Family Photographer

2021 was a year for sure. We all started out pretty optimistic – vaccines on the horizon, restrictions eventually lifting. It even felt “normal” for a few warm summer days! And even as a new variant has taken hold with the dawn of a new year, I feel like we as humanity are adapting to the challenges and figuring out how to get through this. Undoubtedly there will still be bumps in the road going forward. It’ll be ok, it has to be ok.

So for the new year, I’m celebrating what was truly a year of growth for me. I took new steps in my business, overcame hurdles, fell back a bit and stumbled, but never lost my footing. I’m proud of my work and of the connections I’m growing with clients.

Going through my work at the end of each calendar year has become a bit of a tradition for me – I don’t always publish a “best of” but I do always catalog my favorites. I make mental notes about which sessions I loved and which I didn’t care for. And most importantly I learned from my mistakes.

My intentions for the coming year:

  • I will work on photographing emotion above all else
  • I will embrace imperfection, and encourage my clients to do the same
  • I will encourage laughter and love
  • I will learn to say no to jobs that aren’t right for me
  • I will book more weddings – I love everything about them. I love the storytelling aspect and the emotions. I need more in my life.

Clients: Thank you for trusting me. I had a record of over a hundred families this year – more than I’ve ever had in my dozen years in business. Thank you for letting go of your assumptions of how a photo session should go. Thank you for not worrying about your hair or your clothing for a minute and just loving on your family.

To everyone who supported me in 2021 – even if you didn’t book a session – please keep it up! Your words of encouragement, your likes, your shares, it all matters so much to me. Thank you.