Cincinnati Family Portraits, Falling for that light

Ok guys, there’s not much I like more than a warm, sunny day and an evening thick with sunshine. So here’s the deal. Take one look at these portraits and you’ll fall in love too!

When it’s time to schedule your appointment with Mischief and Laughs Photography, be sure to tell me that you love that sunset light and that you really want to make it happen… we will be BFFs because I’m obsessed.



Ok so you get what I’m saying, right? Sunset = good.

Now that that’s settled, let me introduce you to the rest of this sweet family! I love big families – bring on the kiddos, the more the merrier, cheaper by the dozen, hands full and hearts fuller. When I hear a momma voice concern because they have a lot of kids – a lot of busy, young, fast, crazy kids – it’s like music to my ears! It’s been my experience that these big families have so much love in them that every one of the littles is full of joy and laughter. 

And now we are at the part of the session that the kids are comfortable and I’ve played some silly games and now we get to have some REAL fun.

Because kids like to play and I’m basically a big kid.

It’s all official and stuff – I just want to get those good smiles. Really. 

So let’s recap.

  • kids are good. lots of kids is great!
  • sunset is amazing.
  • Playing is fun.

And that, folks, is pretty much my philosophy.

Book yourself a family session this year. I promise it won’t be boring.