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So you know that moment when the beat drops and the party goes from elegant and subdued to fun and vibrant? Yeah that happened shortly after the first dance ended during Carolyn and Robert’s super fun wedding reception at the Sanctuary in Cincinnati OH. There’s something super special about a wedding that can go from a beautiful heartfelt Catholic ceremony to a rocking party with a ton of dancing. It requires a fun couple and a group of amazing friends, and these guys had what it takes!

We started out the day at St Clare Catholic church for mass, and some of the sweetest getting ready gradations I’ve seen – he wrote her a series of letters to open throughout the day, and each one brought on a new wave of happy tears. in anticipation of the life they are starting together.

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And the cranky little ring bearer? Adorable.

Next we went upstairs to an incredible ceremony where I very nearly backed over a person. I stay as discreet as possible, which means out of the way and too the back of the church… where people usually aren’t standing. Thank you to my intrepid bride for giving me the crazy eyes of warning from the front. At any rate, no harm done! *phew*


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Aw, he said “Man and Wife” isn’t mawwiage wonderful!

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Then of course, it’s onto the reception. Like I said before they knew how to PARTY!

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And just when it couldn’t get any more fun, it was time for the sparkler exit… Groom’s last words “I love you all, but I especially love Carolyn!”

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