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Should You Hire an Elopement Photographer?

Why should you hire a photographer for your elopement?
Eloping has become a big deal in recent years, spurred on by the pandemic and a general trend to keep the ceremony as small and intimate as possible. Some couples are choosing to combine their wedding and honeymoon into one and get married somewhere tropical, others are simply staying local and tying the knot in private before their big wedding celebration.
Whatever your reason for eloping, having a photographer to commemorate your day is such a worthwhile decision. Often elopements are attended by only the couple, an officiant, and a witness – some couples include close family, others prefer to keep it as small as possible. And that’s where I come in!
I know that keeping the proceedings intimate and showing the world your commitment to each other are not mutually exclusive desires. You can honestly have both, and a beautiful portraits documenting your wedding ceremony is a beautiful way to do so.

You’ll want to remember this. 

Regardless of your feelings about a big ceremony with all the wedding trappings, please do this for you and your new spouse. This is day that will forever change your lives together, a commitment that deserves to be recognized as important. You’ll want to go back to this moment. You’ll want to flip through a wedding album on your first anniversary… and your 10th. And many many more down the line.
Let me tell you about my grandparents – they were married in her parent’s living room back in 1956. A few photographs were taken that day. Those handful of images are absolutely cherished. A few weeks ago we went to their home to celebrate their 65th anniversary. A photo of them cutting their wedding cake is hung proudly in their home, they showed it to all of their great grandchildren, some of whom aren’t that much younger than they were in that photo. I can’t imagine not knowing what they looked like on that day.
The gift of remembering what things looked like and how they felt on such an important day is a gift you give to yourself, to your children, to everyone your lives touch.

You’ll want to share, I promise! 

You may feel that your wedding day is a private affair, not one to share publicly with people you only see on occasion. Maybe you don’t like the spotlight, and honestly I understand that feeling. But when it comes time to announce your marriage to all your friends and family, wouldn’t it be more fun to do it in style?! An elopement photographer will be there to preserve the moments that really matter – the vows, your first kiss. And I’ll make you look good in the process.

We can get creative 

One of my absolute favorite things about elopements – even more than a full blown wedding – is the opportunity to take risks and stretch my creative wings. The sky is the limit with this, and since we don’t have a reception hall full of aunts and uncles to get back to, we can take our time and get unique perspectives!
Also, since we aren’t constrained by other people’s schedules like we would be for a wedding, we have the flexibility to shoot at sunrise/sunset and get the best possible light!
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Keeping the budget in mind

Weddings can be expensive. Cost is one of the biggest reasons many couples are selecting an elopement instead of a full blown wedding and reception. With elopement photography, costs are much lower than traditional weddings. Most elopement bookings are two hours (whereas weddings are typically 8-10) which keeps costs for the photographer much lower! You get beautiful photos to remember your day at a fraction of the price. Not to mention, I do offer off-peak discounts for weekday elopements!
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Extensive knowledge base

As a professional wedding photographer in my 12th year of business, I’ve seen a lot. I’m also an avid hiker, so if getting married in nature is part of your dream day, I’m your girl.
I’ve been to a lot of locations. I am happy to offer advice on anything you wish involving your elopement. From vendors who can make a bouquet sturdy enough to survive a couple mile hike to the sunset point where were engaged, to the best time of day to catch the pretty light, to the best trail to get there to avoid the mud… I’m aware of it all.

Let’s talk travel! 

YESSS I travel. Take me with you, pretty please! Whether you are eloping in a tropical paradise or you are simply making a short road trip to Hocking hills or Red River Gorge, oftentimes the best option is to take a photographer with you. Do your research, but remember that you aren’t usually obligated to use the on-staff resort photographer if you are traveling somewhere tropical. (Travel fees are added to the cost of the elopement package, please contact me for details.)