Best of 2019, Cincinnati Family Photographer

So it's mid-February and I'm finally ready to share some of my personal favorites from the past year. This has been a landmark year for Mischief and Laughs Photography. It was my first full year back in the Cincinnati, OH area and I was blessed to be able to reconnect with long time clients and meet many new ones as well. This year I photographed over 75 fam[...]

Editing Birthmarks in Newborn Photography

You can call it a storkbite, salmon patch, or (my favorite nickname) an Angel kiss. These sweet words all describe a common type of harmless birthmark in newborn babies, a nevus simplex. They are common and become more apparent when baby is crying or hot. Most of the time they are relatively fleeting, with most disappearing by toddlerhood. Editing birthmarks[...]

Cincinnati Family Portraits, Falling for that light

Ok guys, there's not much I like more than a warm, sunny day and an evening thick with sunshine. So here's the deal. Take one look at these portraits and you'll fall in love too! When it's time to schedule your appointment with Mischief and Laughs Photography, be sure to tell me that you love that sunset light and that you really want to make it happen...[...]

Can't Handle The Cuteness, Cincinnati Family Photographer

I don't have a lot to say about this session (because I've written three blog posts already today and my brain is fried.) But I will say this - I LOVE working with families. They are all so very different. Even within the same family, there's no telling what you'll get, I mean case in point with the sweetest big sister and the spunkiest little sister. Whoooo[...]

Big Love, Cincinnati Family Photographer

I adore big families with lots of children! Especially if they are as sweet as this family! We had a blast during our session at Ault Park in Cincinnati OH. I loved the fact that all the kids had fun ideas to try! And with six little opinions, plus my direction, we had a very full hour of laughing and playing in the park. There was definitely no shortage [...]

Quiet, Cincinnati Newborn Photography

One of my favorite things about being a newborn portrait photographer is the quiet and peace that surrounds the session experience. It's not rushed, it's calm, it's warm - it's such a cozy experience. I try my best to do literally everything for the parents - they sit and watch while I soothe baby into a deep sleep. The sessions take place in the comfort [...]

Summer Babe, Cincinnati Outdoor Newborn Portraits

One of my favorite things about photographing summer babies is the opportunity to have the newborn session outdoors in the beauty of nature. And even better, my home studio is literally steps from THREE beautiful parks, all with something unique to offer for families looking to add a little nature to their baby's first photo session. We can do a few sets in [...]

Professional Newborn Photography in Cincinnati

Professional Newborn Photography Display Ideas (and other random stuff) I'll start this post off by saying I'm sorry. Sorry for being a bit random here but I don't know where else I'm going to put these other important announcements. I promise I'll discuss professional newborn photography displays, because yeah that's probably why you came here in the firs[...]

Maternity Portraits in Cincinnati

Indoor Maternity Portraits in Cincinnati OH I'm so overdue on blogging it's ridiculous. Somehow with moving my family and photography business to Cincinnati, OH I forgot to blog a ton of sessions. So I'm slowly going through all last year's pictures and updating the blog. Pardon the dust, as they say. These maternity portraits at my indoor studio back in NY[...]