They don't stay little, Finger Lakes Family Photographer

Mommas. Let me tell you something quickly here... Those little babies you hold in your arms today, you know the ones that need you for everything? They grow. And wow, do they ever grow quickly. My own biggest little guy turned 12 yesterday, and I swear he was just starting kindergarten a few days ago. He's almost as tall as me and he eats like crazy and h[...]

Spring-ish, Rochester Maternity Photos

Oh the last couple weeks have been a tease, haven't they? The sunnier days and the mild temperatures have given me some serious spring fever and I'm really looking forward to some flowers in my photos! But it is still February and with that I'm going to have to come up with some crafty solutions to my lack of florals. I'm borderline obsessed with learning to[...]

Special Delivery, Rochester Newborn Photographer

I absolutely love babies with fluffy hair. True story. Bald babies are great (I had a couple of my own) but that fluffy soft fuzz gets me every time! And sure, when it's that soft, it's bound to fall out eventually but for the first few weeks, the fuzz is king, and it all smells so sweet - like fresh baby. As a Rochester newborn photographer, I see all sorts[...]

Baby Bliss, Canandaigua NY Maternity Photographer

Pregnancy is such a special time, whether it's your first or your fourth. This sweet momma is cooking up baby #4 and she couldn't be more radiant! She told me during the session that she never had pregnancy photos taken with any of her others - it was time to commemorate her ability to bring life into this world, nurturing a little body as it grows and devel[...]

52 Fridays: Best Buddy

My sweet girl found a friend. A really good little friend. He's just up the street and they can play literally every day after school. She counts down the minutes till his daddy will be home with him, and she suits up and trudges up the road in whatever the weather. Rain, sun, snow. Doesn't matter. They are so cute together - She takes him little trink[...]

Sweet Valentine, Rochester Newborn Photographer

This sweet little gal was the perfect little Valentine for her parents! I love the fact that we got some photographs of her with her daddy! Mischief and Laughs Photography is a full service Rochester newborn photographer in beautiful Canandaigua. Book your newborn photographer now!

Something Blue, Rochester Wedding Photographer

Happy Valentine's day. It's the biggest engagement day of the year, and I look so forward to hearing all my future couples' stories of how the big question was popped! (Engagement stories are one of my favorite things ever!) So to celebrate, I'm going to tell you a little of mine. It's nothing spectacular; it was simple and heartfelt (kinda like us.) W[...]

52 Fridays: Snowsketball

11 year old boys are great at coming up with new sports. This week it was Snowsketball, which is obviously basketball in the snow. Mostly just regular rules, but no dribbling because they discovered that balls don't dribble on snow. And they put the rim down low because dunking is awesome. And snowballs aren't considered fouls, either. ;)

Dalai Java, Canandaigua NY - Rochester Commercial Photographer

I'm thrilled to have new neighbor... and they are absolutely the BEST kind of neighbor too, a neighbor with cozy chairs and lots of hot coffee! Dalai Java has been a staple in Canandaigua for several years, but the time had come to move out of their previous location and into a bigger, better, and more visible space. Bonus - it's right downstairs from the Mi[...]