52 Fridays: Snowsketball

11 year old boys are great at coming up with new sports. This week it was Snowsketball, which is obviously basketball in the snow. Mostly just regular rules, but no dribbling because they discovered that balls don't dribble on snow. And they put the rim down low because dunking is awesome. And snowballs aren't considered fouls, either. ;)

Dalai Java, Canandaigua NY - Rochester Commercial Photographer

I'm thrilled to have new neighbor... and they are absolutely the BEST kind of neighbor too, a neighbor with cozy chairs and lots of hot coffee! Dalai Java has been a staple in Canandaigua for several years, but the time had come to move out of their previous location and into a bigger, better, and more visible space. Bonus - it's right downstairs from the Mi[...]

52 Fridays: Snow-covered dirt piles

I'm a bit of a free range parent in some respects - Go outside and play is my mantra. LOTS of laundry is my payment. I'm an expert at mud. And my kids have a knack for finding it. I'm so thankful that through this move, my kids have found a little tribe - a group of boys that tend to congregate on our little dead-end street, running through the woods and [...]

Regulars, Rochester Child Photographer

Yup, they are STILL some of my favorite girls to photograph. I'm thrilled I was able to catch up with some of my best clients ever to photograph their girls yet again... if you've been around for a while, I've taken their photos every year (and sometimes twice) for the last 6 years! That's a lot of smiles. And they just keep getting prettier, don't they? [...]

Weekend Vibes, Finger Lakes Photographer

Dear weekend, you are so close I can practically smell you. Weekend. Those magical days we spend time together with family, relaxing at home. And on those special weekends, we get away. We explore. We go to favorite places and do nothing or everything or just be together. And it's absolutely magical, this thing called a weekend. And here in the Finger Lakes,[...]

Squishy, Rochester Newborn Photographer

Oh my heart! This squishy little guy was so easy to photograph, and at nearly 10 pounds, he was lots of baby to love! As a Rochester newborn photographer, I see lots of little ones - "older" newborns who like to keep their eyes open and take in the world around them, tiny little preemies with little birdie legs, big chunky huggable ones, and petite little th[...]

52 Fridays: I paid her a dollar.

That's the going price for models these days. Yes. You heard me right. I bribe my children. I needed a lighting model for a Parent Paparazzi class demonstration. So I paid her a dollar and got mostly awful smiles. And then I got this gem. It reminds me of one I took of her when she was three. Still one of my all-time favorites of her. She's grow[...]

Gorgeous Mother and Daughter Session, Canandaigua Photo Studio

This beautiful mother and daughter came to the studio just before the Holidays - Mom said they hadn't taken photos together since her daughter was a little girl. We both agreed that it's definitely time to celebrate their growing relationship with each other, as they become even closer friends and comrades in this thing called life. I loved meeting them a[...]

52 Fridays: Cookies for Santa

Yes. I know it's already January 6th and you all are WAY over Christmas by now, but I'm slow. Personal photos can take me weeks (or months) to actually edit. And since I haven't really shared anything from our Christmas, here goes. Christmas morning happened far too early for me to take many photos (like 4:30 am, thanks kids) so here are a few from Christ[...]