365 Reasons to Smile: Starting a Daily Photo Project

Like many new parents, the minute I had my firstborn, I turned into a regular shutterbug. I photographed every single waking moment of his little life. I took LOTS of snapshots, and I have piles of prints, hard drives full, scrapbooks stuffed to the brim with memories. I wouldn't change that for the world. I've embarked on 365 projects several years - som[...]

Intimate Wedding at Morgan Samuels Inn in Canandaigua

Family. Just family, the ones who loved us first, fiercely, best. Nine beautiful souls gathered together on this warm late-June evening to witness their child, their mother, their brother marry.  Family, becoming one and gathering around the table together for a wonderful meal of celebration. The unrushed, unencumbered feeling of marrying your best friend wi[...]

Best of 2017, Cincinnati Wedding, Newborn, and Family Photographer

Wow. 2017 was quite a year. We moved from Cincinnati to the Finger Lakes area just a year before, and I spent all of 2016 working hard to rebuild my business. I'm so proud of what I've been able to accomplish this past year, and I'm excited to build it again now that we are back in Cincinnati. I had the honor of photographing 9 weddings, 17 newborn babies, 8[...]

Christmas Sessions, Canandaigua NY Family Photographer

There's been a ton of merry making going on here at Mischief and Laughs Photography! The Canandaigua photo studio has been bustling with activity - lots of kiddos in their Christmas finest, ornaments, lights, holly and mistletoe! I've been blessed to once again be a part of so many families story. May your holidays be joyous! Mischief and Laughs Photog[...]

Little Lamb, Canandaigua Newborn Photographer

Nursery design is so fun. I remember when I was expecting my firstborn, the care I took to select just the right bedding, the perfect curtains, and a glider that fit the color scheme. All the little knick kacks were placed just so on his bookshelf, and all the gifts I received were lovingly used in his room. I even hand-painted wall decor (I'm crafty like th[...]

All Heart, Rochester Family Photographer

Fall has finally come to Rochester and with it come the leaves, the cool breezes, and the family fun. These three brought plenty of family fun and love to their session at Victor's Lehigh Crossing. Their session was made of equal parts exploration and snuggles! Miss Millie was one of the most fun two year olds I've met lately, and maybe I say that because I'[...]

All Boy, Canandaigua NY Child Photographer

These three were so much fun to have in the studio! I love seeing mommas with three babies the same age as my own were just a few years ago - having three kids age 5 and under isn't always easy, but it is certainly fun!  

Baby Thompson | Canandaigua Newborn Photographer

#BOYMOM. This sweet momma is living the dream with a life filled with rough-and-tumble boys. The best thing about being a boy mom is that you are the number one lady in their lives, at least for a few years. And while boys can be rambunctious, they are so incredibly sweet! This momma was already a busy lady with toddler twin boys, but now she's extra bles[...]

After the Storm, Canandaigua Newborn Photographer

Just like a bright and beautiful rainbow follows the storm, this little girl came bursting into her family's hearts. A rainbow baby is a baby born after the tragedy of a miscarriage or stillbirth. And even though storm clouds of pain and loss still hang heavy, the rainbow that comes after seems sweeter and more beautiful than ever before. With a new baby com[...]