• What does the session fee include? Your session fee covers prep time, travel to the session, time during the session, an in-person ordering appointment within 1 week of the session, and full retouching on all ordered images.  Session fees do not include any products (digital or otherwise.)
  • Do you sell digital files? Do you sell a-la-carte prints? Do you offer print packages? Yes, yes, and yes! Please contact me for specific details.
  • How do I order my images? After your session, we will schedule an in-person ordering session. At your order session, you will have time to look at all sorts of product samples, albums, canvases, and other goodies. You will be able to ask me questions, and we can plan custom wall galleries or albums together. I promise, this is not a high-pressure situation, it’s simply a way that I can give my clients the highest level of service possible.
  • What type of payment do you accept? Mischief and Laughs Photography accepts credit cards, checks, or cash. Payment plans are available.
  • Do you have a minimum purchase requirement? No, however my clients find that they usually average between $500-1200 after their session.
  • Do you have a baby plan? I sure do – I love to watch the little ones grow.
  • My baby is turning one! Do you offer Cake Smash Sessions? YES! I love cake.
  • Do you offer weekend sessions? I do offer limited weekend sessions (only 1-2 a month!) If you MUST have a weekend session, please book early. Once these limited weekend offerings are gone, they are gone for good. The rest of my sessions take place weekday mornings or evenings. Newborn sessions are held only on weekdays.
  • Do you take posed pictures? Do you take candid picture? Yes to both! For Signature sessions, usually half the pictures are informally posed portraits, and the other half are candid shots of your children playing and having fun.
  • What if my kid just will not cooperate? I have three little children. I know how they can be. I’m patient and it takes a LOT to phase me. If you find your child is not cooperating for pictures, please do not embarrass him or scold him. Portrait session runs more smoothly when the whims of the children are catered to just a bit. I’m also happy to take your child for a bit of one-on-one photo time while mom and dad look on from afar.
  • What if my baby cries? Well, that is to be expected. They are babies, after all. Don’t worry, I’ve had three of my own, and my patience can outlast even the most colicky little one. As long as mom and dad roll with the punches, sessions have a way of working themselves out.

If you have any questions that are not covered here, please email me at info@mischiefandlaughs.com

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