Baby’s First Year: When to Schedule?

Babies are some of my favorite subjects – so sweet, so fun, and they change so quickly! I offer flexible “womb-to-walk” packages for multiple session savings over the course of your baby’s first year. The baby plan is simple, after your first session, you will get $50 off the session fee for each additional session, up until baby’s first birthday!


You are welcome to schedule your sessions any time during your baby’s first year. I also allow one of the sessions to be used as a maternity session, if you wish.

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is regarding the scheduling of the baby’s first year. How often? What age? I have designed my packages to be flexible, and I leave the scheduling largely up to you.

However, I do have preferences (of course!) My favorite schedule to shoot on follows milestones opposed to months. Instead of shooting at regular 3-month intervals, shoots are scheduled according to what your baby is able to do.

Maternity Session (7-8 months gestation) capture that beautiful baby bump.

Newborn Baby (4-14 days old) Your sweet, fresh, new baby with the characteristic newborn “curl.”

Smiling baby (4-5 months) Head’s up, and baby’s rocking the chubby rolls, sweet smiles, and toe nibbles! (Before four months, babies are able to smile, but don’t often do it for the camera. None of my 3 children had smiles in their official 3-month portraits.)

Sitting baby (7 months) This is my favorite age! Baby is really social now, and we are ready to play!! I tend to pull out all the stops (and awesome props) for my sitting baby sessions. This is also a great age to get some shots of the entire family together.

Birthday Baby (11-12 months) By now, baby is crawling and standing with help (some are even walking!) I’m in for a workout for this session. 😉 Baby definitely has his own personality, and we spend quite a bit of time during this session playing and having fun. We can also include also include a cake smash as part of your session.

Of course, many people like the more traditional 3-6-9-12 month portrait spacing, and I have had many very successful sessions at these ages. The choice is yours! I have a wide array of special pillows and props to help pose babies that cannot sit on their own.

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