A Need for Speed {Cincinnati Commercial Photographer}

Another cover shoot for Cincinnati Parent Magazine! 🙂 This month’s issue features lots of tips for summer safety, at home and on-the-go. Our little models had such a great time during our cover shoot this month! We went to Sawyer Point on the Cincinnati Riverfront and took our bikes for a spin! When we are done, we visited my very favorite playground, situated in the refreshing shade of the Daniel Carter Beard bridge (also known as the Big Mac bridge. I’ve lived in Cincinnati my whole life and I had to google the real name, LOL). 🙂

Thanks again to Cincinnati Parent, and our adorable little model, Bella, along with her brothers and cousins who came along to play.

(via Cincinnati Parent Magazine)

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  1. NANA says:

    Cara, you have truly captured the heart and spirit….I love their smiles!!!!!! You are such a talented photographer! BEST LINK I HAVE EVER CLICKED! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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