Week 1 {Project 365}

Week one of my 365 project started strong… i’ve hit my first slump already though. Life is starting to get in the way of my goals.  I’m committed but struggling already.

Here’s to honesty.

At any rate, week one is posted!

2/365 - No more crib
2/365 – No more crib
2/365 Big girl bed
2/365 – Big Girl Bed
3/365 - Create
3/365 – Create
4/365 - Mr. Moustache
4/365 – Mr. Moustache
5/365 Tea party with Grandpa
5/365 Tea party with Grandpa
5/365 - Hard Hit
6/365 – Hard Hit
7/365 Kick
6/365 – Drop Kick

Project 365 is a group project undertaken alongside some wonderful photographers from The Bloom Forum. Bloom is a wonderful forum where you can learn, grow, and share with others. It is a kind, friendly, encouraging place. And if you want to join in the 365 project, it’s not too late!

To follow along with the others in the group, please visit Tina Hunter.


  1. Love the photographs! I'm participating in my first Project 52. It's week two and the prompt has already stumped me. (Hard Hit is fantastic. Love that he's wearing shorts and railing into a snowman. Priceless.)

    1. LOL, the snowman won! He came stumbling in saying "man that was stupid. I'm getting old. I'm not a spring chicken anymore. You know I'm the same age as Ray Lewis?" (Pulls up Ray Lewis's bio because I'm sports-stupid) "Ray Lewis rams himself into football players who are bigger than that snowman every week!"

  2. I love the one of her jumping on the bed!

  3. Carrie Guth Terrones says:

    LOVE the "no more crib" image…I want to take her energy and bottle it up. Priceless! Great images this week Cara!

  4. […] loving all of the beautiful inspiration from my fellow photogs…please follow along by heading to Cara Harrison of Mischief and Laughs, Cincinnati Photographer […]

  5. Love these Cara! and “big girl bed” rocks!!

  6. Benita Speer Allan says:

    These are all great shots, but my favorite is the one of her jumping on the bed. What a great shot!

  7. Christina Benge says:

    everyone of these are so much fun and show energy! Love them!

  8. Heather Robinson says:

    Love these Cara. The one of your girl jumping on the bed is awesome! And the tea party with grandpa one is perfect. I love her look of concentration filling up that little teacup!

  9. you are soo talented! LOVE LOVE LOVE 'no more crib' and 'hard hit' 🙂

  10. Skye says:

    *These are all fantastic, each one has such fun elements I would never guess your struggling! Keep up the good work!

  11. Hahaha! These are awesome Cara! They all brought such a huge smile to my face. And I know what you mean about hitting a slump. It’s too early in the year to hit a slump!!! But I’m right there with you! Some days are more of a struggle than others, but so far, I’ve been very pleased with sticking it out. Thanks again for setting this group up, & maybe we can encourage each other to keep going! 🙂

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