Letters to My Children: Ups and Downs {Cincinnati Lifestyle Photographer}

My boys,

You love the snow. You especially love sledding. You love the whooosh of the wind rushing past your ears and the sting of snow flying on your rosy cheeks. We play and play until fingers are numb and then we crawl home and huddle inside for cocoa and a warm fire.

You climb this hill over and over again. It’s tough going for your little legs, with the slippery snow and all the drifts. After a while you are both exhausted but you keep going. It’s daunting I know. But one day you will come back to this spot and you will see something very different.

You see when I was a little girl, I had a sledding hill next to my home too. It was huge. Giant. Hard to climb. And really fast to go down. But then I left that place, moved away and in the process I grew up. When I returned to my childhood sledding hill, I saw things very differently. That insane crazy vertical drop that put butterflies in my tummy as a child was a gently sloping incline. The hill that I struggled to climb with my boots and my snow pants and my sled, not that big of a deal at all. You see the hill didn’t shrink, but I grew.

It is this way with many things in life. Daunting challenges may seem impossible, they may make you weary. But they are often very worthwhile. So you will push through, you may struggle, you may fall down. But eventually you will grow. And those hills that once seemed so steep and hard to climb will be smaller, not because they have shrank but because you have grown. So keep climbing.

Love, Mom

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  1. joni says:

    Love what you wrote you are very talented,
    Love Aunt Joni

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